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TED deep cuts vol. 1

Kokomo Arnold. It would be amazing to have the entire Bible done in this narrative fashion. Thank God for the Christian actors technicians and directors that saw the need and are filling it. The acting, the sound effects, the overall presentation was all simply amazing! We felt like we were right there! And the price was reasonable. We look forward to the next volume!

Blessings to you and your talented team! I'm blown away! I'm a Children's Pastor and my kids and the kids in our ministry are flipping over this! I love taking pictures from and laying the track from the Adventum over the images. My children 8 and 6 were captivated with this story, even asking to listen to it instead of radio music.

Even as an adult, I loved the imagination that went in to scripting the story. The whole family really enjoyed listening to Adventum. The quality is unparalleled. The depth of the story lead to great discussions between the adults and kids.

It was hard to find our place if we changed disks. I really liked the background sound effects and the accents of the various voice actors. It helps to recognize the characters in the story especially Hagar and Sarai. Keep up the good work. We will definitely be ordering more. When I listened to this audio presentation, the reality of these people's lives became more evident to me. These were real people that sought the tangible presence of God for their existence, not just a nice story about admirable people.

Deeper Vol 1 for Behringer DeepMind 12 by GEOSynths

Thank you. Looking forward to Volume 2. Excellent work. My kids and myself absolutely love these cds! We only listen in the car and now they are SO excited to go somewhere because they get to listen more. The voices, background sounds and music are perfectly blended to make it feel like you are RIGHT there living these Bible stories.

If you'd like to contact us with questions, feedback, testimonials or suggestions, please use our contact form. All emails are typically responded to within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. Menu 0. Watch the Official Trailer Play Video. Endorsed by. Feel the power Step into the Ark and feel the power of the Almighty as He purged the earth of its evil and closed the door on all but a chosen few. Witness the Redemption Grasp the continual struggle of mankind and learn what went wrong and how we can avoid the same mistakes.

My kids were captivated! An awesome example of excellence in Christian media. This was SO much better than I expected My children said it is the best audio Bible drama they have ever heard! Order Now. The Adventum, Volume 1 reviews. Thankfully, I did not put it off for long. Before I finished the first chapter I knew I would like the book. The main character, Hallie, is a private investigator that was just swindled by her now ex-husband.

She is broke, humiliated, and hiding out from her family. After months of mourning her marriage, she finally contacts her aunt and moves back home. Being a mystery you can be assured that nothing is that simple. Girls have gone missing, and someone is trying to kill her Grandmas new boyfriend. Of course, Hallie is using her PI skills to help. The writing is good. The scene and descriptions flow very well. There are a couple instances of dialogue that was too clique or did not flow quite right.

It only happened a handful of times. It was enough to be noticeable, but not enough to be annoying. The plot is well written, but not cleverly crafted. It was understandable, there were no major plot holes or unanswered questions well I do have one , but I knew the who and the why about a fourth of the way into the book. There are enough twists and turns that it may not be the same for everyone.

It is the characters and good writing that is the strength of the book. If the ending has to be a surprise then you may be disappointed. Overall, it is a really great read that I am glad I picked up. I can see finishing the rest of the series. I am really interested in seeing what happens next. I came across this book when I was recuperating from a injury. I wanted something that would make me smile.

I didn't want anything deep, technical or having any socially redeeming value.

Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1
Deeper Volume 1 Deeper Volume 1

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