25 Tips for Productivity

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1. Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Plan

One of my favorite insights from his book is how much more efficient it is to batch your activities instead of breaking them up into small chunks.

1. Get rid of clutter

Instead of spreading out data entry and reporting tasks throughout the week, set a block of time to knock it all out at once Set meetings with colleagues back to back in the afternoon. Exercise is not only important for the body, it is almost as important for your mental wellbeing. According to this article from Brain HQ, exercising has been shown to reduce stress hormones while also increasing growth factors in the brain necessary for new neuronal connections. The motivation to go to the gym after a really long day is hard to find.

However, the important thing is that you are consistent with your exercise. This helps everyone get on the same page and lets people know where their assistance is needed. Eat healthy foods throughout the day to avoid energy crashes and keep your brain properly fueled. The food we eat is extremely important in how productive we are at work. Imagine you eat a Snickers bar versus a fruit and nut bar — which do you think is going to give you the energy necessary to finish strong through the afternoon? Junk food not only affects your weight.

It also causes decreased productivity and energy crashes. Keep healthy snacks at your office to stay fueled for a productive day. Nothing is more distracting than email, phone calls, texts and apps.

Remove the distractions by silencing your phone, exiting out of chat applications and closing the inbox before you start any important task where complete focus is necessary. Have you ever walked out of a business meeting and realized that it was a complete waste of time?

Organizations need to give employees the tools to run effective and productive meetings. Make sure there is a set agenda and goal for each meeting. No agenda and goal, no meeting. A one-hour meeting should only take one hour. Working remotely can help you increase your productivity by getting more done in less time. While the office is an environment that can foster collective energy and resources, it can also hinder our productivity. People often interrupt others who are in the middle of work because they think their issue or question is urgent.

In reality, their issue is typically not urgent and can wait. This study by the Harvard Business Review found that employees who worked from home were more productive AND less likely to quit their jobs. Having less clutter will help you think more clearly and waste less time searching for that misplaced document.


25 Tips To Improve Your Productivity – HiredGrad

Toss out the trinkets and old papers sitting around your desk to see if it helps you become less distracted and more productive. Alexander Kjerulf of the Chief Happiness Officer Blog says loving your job is key to maximizing productivity at work:. No tool, no system, no bonus scheme and no amount of pressure can match the productivity boost you get simply from being happy at work.

Roger swears by this method and claims that when he does this, his life goes well. To some degree, chatting with friends or taking small breaks are beneficial, but most of us abuse of these moments and, consequently, decrease productivity. Tracking your time is a capital step to identify your weak points.

9 Life Hacks to be more Productive

Luckily, you are at a click away from a plethora of time-tracking apps that reveal how you spend your time. We did some research and listed further below 13 tools to manage your time better. I often heard people around me claiming that they are multitasking. But Inc. Accept that our brains work in single-task mode. Focus entirely on a single task, do it as well as you can, and finish it.

25 Tips to Increase Productivity

Then you can start working on another task. Prioritising is another item that should be on your agenda if you want to master your time. Dwight Eisenhower served as the 34th President of United States and was previously a five-star general. He created a simple but brilliant matrix to resolve his daily tasks. Clearly, Eisenhower made a lot of decisions under tremendous pressure, and this matrix helped him to avoid making bad choices.

Is there any connection between saying no and time management? It results in stress, fatigue, and disappointment because you tried to be polite. Yes, you may close a door by declining a request or a task, but you open up a new one that may lead to a more fruitful opportunity.

This statement means that you should start your work day by resolving the most challenging task. Chatting with friends, planning your weekend, and checking your email, Facebook scrolling, and Twitter notifications are all distractions that consume your time and drain your energy. Exercising and sleeping well are indispensable for good health.

Mental health is also quite important. Working too much is as bad as procrastination in the long run. Most certainly, you have watched videos on YouTube showing how amateur football players perform plenty of tricks to perfection. They practiced a lot and trained two or three hours a day, turning it into a habit.

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Try to develop good habits, such as waking up early, working out at the gym, closely monitoring your time, and spending quality time with friends and family. These activities become habits after you have practiced them for many days or weeks in a row. How you delegate tasks says a lot about your personality. Delegating too many tasks shows that you are lazy while doing everything by yourself means that you are hard-working but not smart.

Perfection is a killer of productivity, so strive for achievement, not perfection! Unfortunately, some of the jobs delegated will end up being a fiasco. So delegate the repetitive or annoying tasks no matter the result.

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  • Instead, pay attention to the people you delegate! The difference between a resounding success and a continued, useless struggle is discipline. Only disciplined people can resist temptations such as procrastination, online chatting, and watching the next episode of their favourite movie.

    Create a reward system to help you be more disciplined. For example, allow yourself 20 minutes a day on Facebook but only if you wrote 1, words the day before. Time management is a complex area, and the above tips only scratch the surface. The countless resources showing you how to do more with your time are useful, but none can replace your motivation and hard work. The smiling faces of people sharing their successful stories about accomplishing countless tasks in just eight hours are deceiving.

    Behind these successful stories are many hours of work, unslept nights, failures, and sacrifices.

    Book Preview

    If you persevere and try to improve your flow, you are on the right track. All your role models have gone through your issues and know how you feel. The following tools are a good place to start to reform your workflow and grow your productivity. Some are simple while others are quite complex. Some are free while others are premium. As usual, I tried to cover the needs of all kind of users. Let me know your opinion via the comment form—did I manage to do it?

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    About Augusto Pinaud. Augusto Pinaud. Augusto Pinaud currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is married and has a little girl and three dogs who keep him company. He spends his day teaching his daughter things, writing and washing dishes, because he believes in what Agatha Christie once said: "The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes.

    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity

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