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Your event image represents your event and should capture the experience your attendees have to look forward to. To make sure your event image looks great, choose a high resolution photo that's unique, inspiring, and catches your attendees' interest. We recommend using at least a x px ratio—twice as wide as tall image that's no larger than 10MB.

TIP: Don't leave your event image empty! Eventbrite uses event images to determine the quality of an event. This quality ranking is used by our algorithms to optimize event placement in the discovery views in our app and website. If you experience display issues or errors when uploading your event images, it might be the internet browser.

TIP: Make sure to preview your event listing on both desktop and mobile.

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A majority of your attendees will look at your event on their phones. NOTE: No matter the brightness when uploaded, event images are dimmed on the event listing to create contrast between the event image and the event title when the title is shown in front of the image. When viewed elsewhere on Eventbrite, the event image displays as you uploaded and cropped. A ratio image is a horizontal or landscape image that's twice as wide as it is tall or close to that ratio.

We support transparent images but recommend against it, because it can lead to issues displaying the image properly on certain devices and browsers. The additional information in the photo can distract attendees when viewing it on your event listing, our search directory, and other promotional tools. To see the dimensions, file type, and file size for your image, find the image file on your computer, then right-click on the file. TIP: You'll be able asked to crop your event image after uploading so it looks it's best at the top of your event listing.

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Review the section above to confirm your image meets the criteria. Then, try uploading again. Still having trouble? The Event Planner Expo in New York City is the 1 trade show for networking, gaining industry insights, and achieving unparalleled business growth in The Event Planner industry. The Event is organized by the top New York event planners and attracts high level executives and event professionals in the US and abroad.

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From October 1 — 3, you will have the opportunity to spend 3 action packed days amongst thousands of event planners, marketers, corporate decision makers, and industry executives all in one place. The Event Planner Expo is all about building relationships which is why we are excited to present you with tons of opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and top venues over the course of 3 days.

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Attending this unique event is your chance for face to face networking, in depth education, event inspiration, and tons of opportunities to bolster business! Additionally, the Speaker Series will feature various other innovative business leaders discussing sales, marketing, social media, brand building, event trends, networking, and more.

The Event Planner Expo is an event not to be missed! Develop meaningful connections and meet influencers who will benefit your business for years to come.

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As the event industry changes, so do the people who plan them. Attendees will gain new ideas and valuable insights to take their business to the next level. The Event Planner Expo provides endless opportunities to forge lasting relationships with key business leaders.

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With multiple networking events, after-parties, VIP Networking Lounges, the trade show floor, and all of the moments in between, the opportunities to connect with industry leaders are infinite. The Event Planner Expo is more than just a trade show, it's an experience. In between all the networking and deal making, take some time to enjoy gourmet appetizers, desserts, beverages, live entertainment, and so much more. The Event Planner Expo is the premier platform for a sponsor or exhibitor to strengthen their business by interacting with potential clients, forging new relationships, closing deals, securing sponsorships, and showcasing products on a grand scale.

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