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Offscreen too, women tend to be great at talking about sex with one other, at helping each other figure out how to navigate the inherent trickiness that comes with getting naked with another human. Otis and Eric demonstrate the good that can come from men having more vulnerable discussions with each other about the less sexy parts of sex. The guys who are unsuccessful on the show have one thing in common: they're deeply isolated and closed-off emotionally.

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They aren't honest about or don't communicate their sexual desires. Take Adam, the school bully, for example. His father, the school principal, shares a similar fate.

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Neither has any ability to connect honestly with other people about sex or anything else , and they become not just lonely and miserable themselves, but cruel and harsh towards others. Sex Education makes clear that the consequence of being unwilling to share your feelings is ultimately isolation. The show, whether purposefully or not, equates healthy talk about sex with healthy relationships.

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Jakob Mikael Persbrandt , Jean's hunky Swedish handyman, resides on the opposite end of the show's spectrum compared to the father and son duo. A key component of CSE is social and emotional learning which empowers young people with the skills and abilities to form healthy, respectful and constructive relationships with others. These capacities are increasingly valued by employers, as businesses recognize the importance of teamwork for better productivity.

Studies also show that people working in teams tend to achieve better results and report higher job satisfaction.


Another crucial element of comprehensive sexuality education is teaching about gender equality and empowering girls. Governments and employers alike in the ASEAN region and globally are increasingly recognizing the importance of empowering women and expanding their participation in the workforce. This is all the more crucial as countries across Asia-Pacific face the prospect of a shrinking workforce due to falling fertility rates and ageing populations. We must get girls into school and support them to complete at least a secondary education of good quality.

Part of that quality means providing a safe and supportive environment, encouraging girls to learn, explore and express themselves. Education must be greatly expanded and young people need much more support to stay in school and complete their studies. One thing we need to do to make progress is to get over the idea that teaching about sex will make young people go out and have it. In fact, evidence tells us the contrary.

Good CSE tends to lead to delayed initiation of sexual activity, fewer partners and greater use of protection. Governments and businesses can help ensure that all children and young people have access to high-quality CSE. A key step is simply to set that goal explicitly, take the decision and make the political commitment to achieve it. This must be given as much importance as goals governing economic growth. Businesses, as corporate citizens, can and should provide political support to this cause by speaking out publicly, and engaging in dialogue with government, political and civil society leaders on this issue:.

All human beings — and especially young people — must have the means and the freedom to make good, happy and responsible choices about sex and love.

Sex education

The educator skill includes the following:. Sexuality is a lifelong process that begins at birth and ends at death. Sexuality is more than our genitals and what we do with our genitals. Sexuality also describes how we think, act and feel about being a male or a female. Sexuality has to with how we act in relationships, how we show love and affection, how we feel about our bodies, and who we are attracted to.

Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education
Social Values; Men; Sex Education Social Values; Men; Sex Education

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