Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel

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Retrieved November 15, Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved November 18, Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on January 5, Archived from the original on March 30, March 11, February 17, Retrieved January 11, Don Markstein's Toonopedia. Archived from the original on April 15, Retrieved July 26, Fantomah was the first female character in comics to use extraordinary powers in combatting evil.

The Woman in Red was the first to wear a flashy costume and maintain a dual identity while doing so. On the other hand, The Black Widow was the first to do both. Archived from the original on January 29, Hogan's Alley Archived from the original on June 12, January 11, April 6, Archived from the original on April 9, Wong August 19, Retrieved March 27, Archived from the original on January 19, February 18, New York Times.

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Anti-Heroism in the Continuum of Good and Evil. Sullivan, M. The Journal of Social Psychology , Wright, B. Comic Book Nation: The transformation of youth culture in America. The superhero is nothing more or less than the contemporary version of a storytelling device. But there are many ways to examine that condition. Heroes are meant to inspire! As an artist, who sometimes has to design character concepts, the most important trait a superhero must have is relate ability and a struggle.

You cant be just be a bad ass superhero and have had a perfect life?!


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Makes no sense. They have to have had some part of a screwed up past to give them power and the right to kick ass as good as they do! Their struggle is what gives them their awesomeness!! Also a hero is not someone who is inspiring it is someone who gives back and then that inspires people.

Many people are inspiring but are not heroes. I met a kid who had cancer who was always smiling and was all songs awesome, he was inspiring but he was not a hero. Caitlyn Jenner not a hero. The guy who made 2 million dollars in two days not a hero. Inspiring yes heroic, no.

Inspiring yet not heroic? There would be some who would disagree. For example, a football player can be seen as heroic by upcoming football players. In the scenario you presented the football player is being idolized. Idols and heroes are two separate ideas entirely. That is someone who inspires you. You may call them a personal hero, but had to do with your perceived relationship with then not their relationship with you. There is a difference like the difference with racism and prejudice… Rasicm is much worse and systematic but it gets used often to just mean prejudice.

I see what your saying but it only has weight because of how the weird is used now not the classic definition. Nowadays a hero is anyone who is idolized or held in high regard by anyone and to that argument I concede but real heroes have to do more than that. A sacrifice for others is necessary… You know like the Aztecs… A hero is most certainly inspiring.

They are dedicated to being the best at what they do, while holding on to honest human morals. I take one major issue with this article. Not a single comic artist or comic writer was cited. Academia looks deep meaning sometimes when it was an off the cuff decision and gloss over what the creators may have really debated in their heads. HI Fchery, Thank you for taking the time to read a comment.

See a Problem?

I would like to shed some light on your issue , if I can. Academia, by its foundations does not analyze something off the cuff, that is if it is well done. While creators may have debated a character arc or creation in a certain way when it is published it becomes part of the cultural fabric of its genre. This is why I turned to cultural historians, antiquarians and mythologists who are able to recognize the tropes that are at play.

I hope this clarifies any vagueness unintentionally left by me. I understand your point there are many giants in academia who have very poignant arguments and positions. I was just pointing out that many artist are actually aware of their contributions and may be able to speak on their limitations. More over the last sentence of your second paragraph gives me the proper lens to view your work from, it explores the hero greatly and on that aspect.


This is a very interesting analysis. This is the type of topic I think about once in a while and then I forget about it. Thanks for reminding me. Vicious by V. Eli and Victor were best friends until a terrible accident ripped them apart and they became worst enemies.

9 Novels for Superhero Fans

This romp through a world of monsters and superpowers has all the fun of traditional superhero comics in a fresh setting. Wild Cards edited by George R.

This series, edited by George R. Martin, takes place in a world where an alien virus wiped out huge swaths of the population, and gave one percent of humanity superpowers. A shared-universe series written by a broad range of incredible authors including Roger Zelazny, Sage Walker, and George R. Martin himself , Wild Cards tells the story of the world ever since. Good Guys by Steven Brust. As it turns out, though, those who look like good guys at first…might not be that at all.

This novel is from the point of view of a man just trying to achieve his dreams of world domination, only to be perpetually thwarted by the heroes. Austin Grossman provides a look into the daily trials and travails of a struggling supervillain.

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Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn. When she poses as her boss for a night, though, her life is about to turn upside down. Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines. Superheroes known as ex-humans versus an army of zombies. With the plague of living dead spread around the globe, a ragtag team of disillusioned and scarred heroes struggle to defend a small group of survivors. Unfortunately, it turns out that the zombie horde may not be the only threat. After the Golden Age by Carrie Vaughn.

Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel
Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel

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