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It was equivalent to rape, but Jane seems to be blase about it. Although angry, she shoulders the blame, believing she asked for it when she claimed he was her scion. Classic blaming-the-victim. While I understand what Hunter is doing, it doesn't make me like it any more. Anything that can grab me despite a headache is something worth reading.

View all 15 comments. Mar 02, Maria Dimitrova rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , br-bbb , urban-fantasy , br-bbb , buddy-reads. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was the best book in the series so far. I was tempted to give it 5 stars but the beginning was a bit disconnected from the previous book and that annoyed me enough to knock out a star from the rating.

Jane is in a bad place at the beginning of Death's Rival. She's lost the foundation of her life - Molly has turned her back on her, Ricky's gone to be a supernat cop and most important of all Beast is silent. Somehow Jane has turned from a vampire hunter to one of their servants - a nasty realization for our girl. And she's sinking farther and faster into the world of vampire politics.

Thanks to the suckheads predisposition for never providing adequate information Jane has gotten herself in quite the bind by claiming to be Leo's Enforcer. I have a theory about that particular problem that I'll share in a minute. That little title becomes the source of all the problems in this book, including a blood feud with a wacko vampire.

Even though it's just an excuse for the fangheads and they all know it. It doesn't stop Leo from acting the jerk that he is and blaming Jane for the mess and using it as an excuse for mind-rape. And we circle back to my theory. Jane got the idea of claiming she's Leo's Enforcer from the info Mr. Pellissier provided. As always the information is incomplete and comes to bite Jane on the ass. And it suits Leo's agenda splendidly because he wants Jane bonded to him though I personally prefer the term enslaved because let's face it - it's slavery in all but name when she bites and uses the title to save lives.

To me this whole set up felt like a trap, one that didn't spring immediately. Until now, when in one of the most emotionally taxing scenes of this series, Leo forces a feeding and binding. He betrays Jane and forces Bruiser to be part of it. This part convinced me that being bonded to a vampire is essentially slavery because even if you want to disobey, you can't. Yet again Leo acts like a jealous teenager and drives another wedge between Jane and Bruiser.

He could have done this without his primo's "help" but he wants to destroy what little feelings Jane and Bruiser have for each other and punish them both for I don't know what! Having the audacity to like Bruiser more than him on Jane's part and being unwilling to share his woman with his master on Bruiser's part. Seriously, Leo is just a petty tyrant that throws a fit when things don't go his way. If I was Jane, I would have started killing Leo's vamps one at a time, working my way to Katie and Leo in a bloody revenge for that insult.

I'm so mad at that bloodsucker that I can't see straight! And since I'm in the mood to rant let's continue with the topic of Jane's "best friend" Molly. Such a good friend she is! I get it that she has conflicting emotions about her sister's death but surely she has the brain capacity to grasp the fact that it was inevitable. Would it have been better if she was the one that has to kill Evangelina?

Or for Evil Evie to have drained them all, her children included, of their magic and unleashed a demon on the world? And would you like to bet that when things get bad for the Everhearts again they'll run to Jane to fix things? Jane needs better friends and to stay away from the fangheads!

The bright spot of the book were the two new characters, the brothers Eli and Alex and Beast of course. Beast rules! The brothers are new recruits that work for Jane directly, unlike Derek's boys. I like both of them and it seems they'll be much better friends to poor Jane than the current batch. I have to admit I would like to see Jane and Eli as an item but I doubt it'll happen. Which is too bad because he is amazing and most importantly not on Leo's chain!

I don't think I'll live down that betrayal anytime soon and the ending of the book did nothing to make me feel better! Okay, I should get away from the keyboard before I descend back into ranting about the stupid vampire. Have a great day, ya'll! Special thanks to Steven for translating all those French lines! Aug 30, Mandapanda rated it did not like it Shelves: urban-fantasy. I'm trying to stick out this series because a I love urban fantasy and there's not enough of it, and b I'm still unreasonably hoping for some romantic resolution or character growth for Jane.

I'd also like to give a big shout out now for all those liar-liar-pants-on-fire reviewers who said this series is like Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson. That could not be further from the truth. If you're looking for a good comparison think Anita Blake and getting more cray-cray by the minute or Sookie S I'm trying to stick out this series because a I love urban fantasy and there's not enough of it, and b I'm still unreasonably hoping for some romantic resolution or character growth for Jane. If you're looking for a good comparison think Anita Blake and getting more cray-cray by the minute or Sookie Stackhouse.

In this book Leo forcibly feeds on Jane to put her under his power. Jane is angry for like Then she goes and has a sauna and gets over it and starts working for them again. She has no self-respect and no standards. There is Not. It happens all the time. It's like a disease.

Even in the middle of life and death battles she has to stop and pash a couple of guys. And it's not because their conversation or intelligence or beliefs have anything to do with it. It's because they have a cute butt or face or both. The plot is the same in all the books. Anyway at this stage, I think Jane is the most pathetic female UF heroine ever. I hate each and every one of her male love interests and all the other guys she pants after. I hope in the last book of the series they all die. Disclaimer: Obviously I'm having emotional issues with the direction the author is taking her characters.

Please read some of the many glowing reviews for a balanced opinion. In another telling sign I am still buying these stupid books! View 1 comment. A bit of a rant review. At the start Jane is lonely, she has lost her best friend and boyfriend and says she goes to work for Leo Pellissier "to do the right thing" but really I think she doesn't know what else to do with herself. From here the story is pretty fast paced and exciting as Jane is drawn deeper into vampire society whether she wants to or not. Jane seems irresistibly drawn to work for the vampires and ends up entrapped by something that is somewhat her fault, though this i 3.

Jane seems irresistibly drawn to work for the vampires and ends up entrapped by something that is somewhat her fault, though this is questionable. Jane is mad but gets over it pretty fast, I guess Beast doesn't have time for the human emotions and basically she is the only person Jane is getting council from these days.

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Lord does she need a friend. Her friends are actually the same way view spoiler [seriously Molly cutting her off makes me fume hide spoiler ]. Beast's tastes are even worse view spoiler [LEO?! That's hot. Yet I still like Jane, I really feel for her I want her to be happy. She is truly a caring, protective person. I am kind of flabbergasted by Hunter's decisions about Jane's love life. I mean does anyone actually like love triangles, quadrangles?

Plus these men have all betrayed her at least once. There is Jane surrounded by a ton of men and while there are a few women sprinkled in none are really possible strong friendships or working partners.

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It's hard to believe all the vampire security and former marines are exclusively men except Jane. This is a pet peeve of mine with some urban fiction and I like nothing more than seeing some female friendships, plus it is fun to have some side romances that help if the love life of the main character sucks. Finally the guilt, the guilt! Jane needs a damn friend! Despite all that I do like Jane! I liked the new brothers who come to work for Jane, Alex is awesome and funny, Eli is hot and hopefully not getting entangled in Jane's romantic life unless he becomes the one and only doubtful.

I loved learning more about Jane's past, Aggie One Feather, and Jane beginning to accept more of heritage and align it with her religious beliefs. Jun 10, Angela Angel's Guilty Pleasures rated it really liked it Shelves: fav-shifter-books , favorites , fav-urban-fantasy , 4-stars. Jane, kicked-ass and Beast, really shined. I was pulled in from the first to the last page. The story is action-packed, full of suspense, secrets, and shocking moments. The story was set at a perfect pace and gives readers no excuse not to gobble this one up.

I enjoyed Jane. Loved Beast, Eli and the Kid. It was great to get some new characters. I hope Eli and the Kid become more then colleges, more then friends, maybe a family and that Jane can rely on them. She needs someone in her life. Someone to rely on. As we all know by now Jane is a unique Skinwalker who houses Beast inside her, which only adds another element.

Beast, was her own character in this one. I loved learning more about Jane and Beast. It made both of them more real. I do have issues with this series and they are: - The love triangle. He was a dick at the very end to Jane. This scene was so wrong on so many levels. Trust was lost all around. I hated what Leo did to Jane and to Bruiser. As for Bruiser I feel sorry for him.

It was just wrong all around. Their has to be rogue vampires somewhere else for her to go after? She knows being around vampires will only bring trouble. Why does she stay? At least for me. After five novels I finally see what everyone raves about. Rated: 4. View 2 comments. Once again another awesome Jane Yellowrock novel. I loved the ending of the book where she got revenge for her Native American Heritage.

Awesome series. If you haven't read the first 4, stop reading this and get 'ta readin' those! Spoilers may exist throughout - consider yourself forewarned. Until I started working for them. It wasn't easy money, and I'd dumped the contract with Leo Pellissier, the chief fanghead of the Southeastern U. But when Leo had requested my help yesterday, I'd re-upped to resolve this problem, because it was the right thing to do. Leo and his people had been attacked under my watch.

Humans had been injured. Blood-servants had died. I'd killed some of them. No one knew who this new enemy was, and now vamps were sick, maybe dying, and a new, powerful vamp had entered the vampire political scene.

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Somehow, someway vamps new, old and old, old are becoming sick with some sort of virus or plague. Seems impossible, but Jane's witnessed it firsthand. This on top of fallout from her actions while in Asheville in Raven Cursed means Jane's plate is full. She's tasked with finding out who is making vamps sick and how while also trying to deal with the aftermath from her earlier protect-yourself-now-ask-questions-later sharpshooting. What else is full to overflowing? Her dance card! Many a men make her heart and mine go pitterpat fastfastfast. To include the newest testosterone filled morsel in her life, Eli Younger.

Remembering that Derek belongs to Leo first and foremost, she asks him to suggest some security and intel boys for her to hire independently. Eli, a former Ranger, and his younger brother, Alex, a computer whiz show up for the job. They're a package deal though - take it or leave it. Jane takes it, for now. And, it's the right decision because these two are just what she needs - companionship around the house, trustworthy intel and added badassery on the field.

Eli's an enticing man; he's got skills and looks - and he's human.

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But, when you add into the mix Rick LaFleur, who was infected with the were-taint and is currently physically off-limits, but holds a piece of her heart and Bruiser George Dumas, Leo's right-hand blood-meal, and arguably the most powerful nonvamp in New Orleans who is going through some potentially major changes, but winds her up quicker than you can blink, she has one helluva decision to make.

Poor Jane. Beast finds each of these lovelies and Leo, not surprising based on his strength, as strong mates. Which will Jane choose? Instead, my enjoyment comes from watching Jane's growth since we first met her in Skinwalker. She's lost a great deal, including much of her past.

But, with each recovered piece of her past with the help of Aggie the puzzle of her life becomes clearer. She is beginning to realize that she cannot continue or may not be able to continue to hide what she is, but she seems okay with that, which is awesome! I am anxiously awaiting Blood Trade as this one ended with a "Well, crap" from Jane, an amused huff from Beast and a bit of a cliffhanger.

They are spoiler blocked for a reason, but feel free to read them. Thankfully, Beast was able to break the bond, but Leo was able to tell by smell alone and promises to rebind her. Katie, as his heir, also had a drink, so there's that. Bruiser feels like a total shitbag, which he should, and tries to make amends. Jane sorta-kinda forgives him, but she's understandably still upset about it. Beast, on the other hand, reminds her that he still gets her motor runnin'. She, as Beast, kicks his ass.

Eli and Alex are awesome! Eli is observing Jane closely enough that shows he's interested, but he's also seeing the tension between her and Bruiser and whispering between her and Rick, so we'll see. Some hot scenes with Bruiser and Rick scattered throughout. Cannot forget Solved a crime. Got a badge. Lost my girl. Mine, she murmured. If I have sex with you, Pea will kill me. Then she'll kill you. He didn't look at me. Do you love me?

Will be sad though if that's the case. Rick's devasted when she says that she'd thought he was the one who shot her. Of course he wasn't, but earlier promises of not letting her become crazed had her thinking he was keeping that promise. Hopefully, if nothing else, they'll be able to work past that misunderstanding. Soul has some kinda magic, though Jane's not sure which kind. In Beast sight, she glowed with the heat of magical energies, not witch, not were, but something not human.

She was also carrying a staff with a psy-meter mounted on the top. A supernat working for the PsyLED. Lucas Vazquez de Allyon, a year old vamp, was the baddie. He also killed and drank all or so he thought skinwalkers. Jane killed his sorry ass in a kickass battle after she'd killed his Enforcer. View all 3 comments. Jul 18, Lady Jaye rated it liked it Shelves: liked-it , underwhelming , people-magic-users , magic , stars-3 , pb-vampires , owned-kindle-or-ebook , read-in , fantasy-urban-fantasy , pb-werewolves-or-shapeshifters.

This series has been something of a surprise to me from the beginning, and after reading I am still very impressed with the scope of the plot Ms. Hunter has created. I find myself reading to find out what has happened, which is out of character for me- I usually read to follow a character, not the plot. However, Jane changed in this book- and not for the better. Janie now has a God-complex, blaming herself for any and everything, including not being omniscient.

So yes, not focusing on evil and wrong so you can be self-centered is NOT cool. All of it: Beast's love for just about every XY chromosome Jane sees, Jane's uneven relationship with Rick along with that fake declaration of love After what he did Just no. The relationships in this book bugged me to no end, and severely affected my enjoyment. In the end, although I find myself having been impressed by he plot, I feel sad and wanting because my Janie is not there. I miss the severely flawed, cool, sensible character we had and am bewildered by this nincompoop who is severely narcissistic and makes self-confessed "stupid mistakes" all the time.

Oct 08, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. I have to say, I didn't love the last Jane Yellowrock book, but this one came back for me with a vengeance. I was absolutely enthralled in the story from the beginning to the unexpected ending --which left me gaping like a fish. This latest installment follows Jane as she investigates a mysterious illness that is infecting some of the vampires. It seems an unnamed vamp is making a power-play, using the illness to force other vampires to swear fealty to him.

Leo thinks it's the same person who att I have to say, I didn't love the last Jane Yellowrock book, but this one came back for me with a vengeance. Leo thinks it's the same person who attacked his people and he wants the threat identified and neutralized. Even though Jane was planning to stop working for him, the money was too good to pass up one last job. There's a lot going on here. One of my big complaints in the last book was how Jane's personal life felt ignored for much of the book. Not here. Jane is mourning the loss of Rick though to be honest, I hadn't realized they had broken up.

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She is still crazy-hot for Bruiser. And there is even a new guy in the mix I'll get to that in a minute. The Rick issue didn't bother me -- I have never been a big fan of his and after the whole cheating thing, I was ready for him to get lost. Bruiser, on the other hand Well, I've always had a soft spot for Bruiser. But every time I feel the slightest bit validated in these feelings, Faith Hunter pees in my Cheerios and reminds me that he will never put Jane first. And while the near-sexual encounters are hot, they're getting old.

Do it, don't do it, or move on. Then, all of a sudden there is Eli. At this point, I started having Anita Blake flashbacks. No, wait, hear me out. The writing is much, much better here. There is no comparison on that front. And Jane is not having dirty monkey sex with 15 guys. And instead, it keeps growing. Add to that, the very premise that Jane is a former vampire hunter who now uses her bad-ass killing skill to work for her one-time enemy.

Add to that, she is beginning to sympathize with the monsters. She becomes part of their clan. And she's got all kinds of really conflicted personal morality she is trying to work out. It is very reminiscent of pre-porn Anita in those ways. Though again, with much better writing. I don't understand Jane's choices, especially in the second half. Something Very Disturbing happens to her and it utterly baffles me why she does not cut her losses and get the hell out of dodge Why she would want to do anything for Person-X after what happens makes no sense to me. She should hate that person!

And then, in the end, she's really screwed. And I am scared eager to see what happens next. Jul 07, Jenni Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: bite-me , growl-and-howl , urban-fantasy. Much better than the last one. Love Eli and the Kid. Don't like Leo. Not sure about Bruiser. I'm not even sure I like Jane right now. And Rick I'm reserving judgment on him right now.

Nov 30, TJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , urban-fantasy.

Jane Yellowrock series

This is one of those books. So no matter what I think of the events in the book please remember, the overall is almost pitch perfect. The scene where Jane was betrayed about tore my heart out! After growing to love this character for four previous 4. After growing to love this character for four previous books, and having watched her fight and put her life on the line for these people every day - only to have them completely betray her trust? And, that brings me to my only complaint about this installment. Nope, nope, uh uh. Stupid and disappointing on so many levels.

So, why would she give in so easily? Okay, okay - enough of the whining and back to the awesome. The action storyline is - as always - amazing. The twists and turns are impossible to guess without even a breath in-between. Hunter also writes some of the best secondary characters I have ever read. Not necessarily Leo and his gang - although even those anti-heroes pull out just as strong feelings. GREAT writing, great story!

This latest installment of the Jane Yellowrock series has me so ready for the next one! So much happens in this one and it all seems that it is a direct result of Jane killing a man in her hotel room during Raven Cursed. How was she supposed to know that guy was the Enforcer of another MOC come to check her out so that he could challenge her to fight so that a Blood Challenge could be made against Leo?

But like others said, why did he come into her hotel room, at night, while she was s This latest installment of the Jane Yellowrock series has me so ready for the next one! But like others said, why did he come into her hotel room, at night, while she was sleeping with a gun drawn that had a silencer on it? If he was going to challenge her, he sure was going about it the wrong way.

Seemed to me he was going to murder her. Too bad there was no proof of that since Jane, Gregoire and the B-Twins had no idea he was a vamps Enforcer. There was so much fallout from that one thing and it had Jane second-guessing herself and wondering what working for the vamps was turning her into. She doesn't like so much the person she has slowly been becoming, but I don't feel that Jane has been turning into a bad person. I still love her.

She does her best to do what's right. A lot of blood and violence is done to achieve those goals, but at the core of it, Jane is always, always trying to protect someone. Even Beast thinks some of the vamps deserve to be protected. Even though the vamps can do some serious harm to Jane at times. Beast does her best to protect Jane, too. Jane is forced to realize again that even the vamps she works with are vamps before they are anything else. This is reinforced when view spoiler [Leo forces a blood bond on her and Katie drinks from her as well should something ever happen to Leo hide spoiler ].

It was violent and it hurt her and damn near broke Jane's spirit. Lucky for her, Beast is a smart cat and figures out that she can remove it. Later of course, view spoiler [while trying to save Jane's life after she gets shot, Leo feeds her more of his blood and the bound begins to strengthen again. Beast forces a shift and Jane's secret is out, but it turns out that instead of bounding Jane to him, Leo has bound Beast hide spoiler ].

I can't wait to see the results of that! I think Leo has gotten more than he bargained for. What was with him calling Jane "my love" when he was trying to save her life? He'd left it alone after she resisted it previously, but Katie brought it up when Leo was missing, so I can only imagine she's the one he convinced him to do it. He didn't have to make it hurt and be so forceful. I probably should hate him, too, but I can't. He was so out of it and his body was moving against his will.

He does tend to explain Leo's behavior in situations where Jane wants to hear none of it at all, but he can't just change after having been bound to someone for over a years. I think he does what he can, when he can. I hope he and Jane can work something out at some point. Margo's mountain lion speculation is very interesting. That would be so cool for that to play out that way.

Especially considering the looks Eli gives Jane sometimes. There could be something there if Jane lets it. I thought he shot her, too. He's betrayed her for his job before. That's how he ended up a were in the first place. I hadn't thought he did it maliciously, but for his job. Under the circumstances, can he really be all that surprised Jane thought he shot her?

Especially what he told her about making him have to shoot her? I'm glad he's off again. Does she think highly of her skills? But she's also incredibly insecure and a lot of what she does is bluffing. She still gets afraid. She also acknowledges the skills of others. So if she does brag sometimes, I don't fault her for it. Beast brags way more than Jane does. Jane is just the only person that ever hears her doing it. I know Leo is probably hated and nonredeemable in the eyes of many readers, but I've loved Leo from the gate and despite everything he's done to Jane, that love has not wavered.

I'm still Team Leo all the way. Gimme dat book 6! Sep 06, Mindy Mymudes rated it it was amazing. Jane walked out of the forest as a young child, without memory of who she was and not speaking. As an adult she becomes a vampire hunter, killing rogue vampires for a living. Cherokee Skinwalker. Skinwalkers are able to shift into various animals when she has a sample of their DNA. Jane also shares her body with the soul of Beast, a cougar. Molly, an Earth Witch, is her best and pretty much her only friend. She is estranged from her best friend, and lost her boyfriend.

Things are not going well and now she is drawn back into the world of vampires. Vampires are not supposed to be able to get sick, yet they are. While she works through the threads, untangling the answers, she also discovers what happened to her people so long ago.

In addition Jane hires her own team, not associated with Leo. I adore these new characters—they are wonderfully developed. An ex-ranger and his younger brilliant brother are hired on as a team. The former ranger is the brawn of the family, and the younger brother is the brains, able to hack into anything. Jane is sucked into the family dynamics, the squabbles and compromises of a typical family. It all seems to puzzle Jane a bit, but she rolls with it and we see a more mature Jane. Her lack of trust may mean the irreconcilable end to one of the men in her life.

There appears to be a strengthening with another. This makes Beast very happy. Beast is becoming a very strong character in her own right. We see more of the story through her point of view and the change in voice from Jane to Beast is marvelous. The big cat remains an animal, with animal senses and thoughts. Together they are stronger and more. Excellent story! Feb 01, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Well good. We get back to the Jane we know and love with this book and the story elements I care about got some definite This one starts off a bit slow and, for me, boring.

I mean, fighting a disease is dramatic and all, but it's all labs and blood samples and infection avoidance. It doesn't help that all the fighting is by proxy--neither Jane nor those close to her are infected Still, the whole time she's wandering around trying to get t Well good. Still, the whole time she's wandering around trying to get the right data to the squints in charge I just felt flat; my main connection with the book at that point was impatience. And the book isn't helped by the continual reminder that they have a traitor somewhere in Leo's organization and none of the team back home can be bothered to try to ferret out who it is.

That got frustrating fast. Still, even with those niggling elements, and even with the fallout from the previous book, view spoiler [ where the situation with Rick becomes officially untenable hide spoiler ] Jane is the kick-butt heroine I've some to love and enjoy. She has struggles both internal and external and can't seem to catch a break as even those closest to her are acting more out of their most selfish impulses than any care or concern for her.

But she's a fighter and keeps on swinging and you have to respect that. Plus we got some fantastic movement on her backstory and conflicted relationship to both cultures that informed her impressionable years. There's a piece near the end as she is reconciling the need for vengeance and its accomplishment with both her Cherokee and Christian heritages that is beautifully profound and moving. It's an imperfect reconciliation, of course, but then, it kind of has to be so it ends up exactly right. For the movement on her background, awesome cultural examinations, as well as the fact I couldn't force myself to put it down from about the mid-point on, this is a solid, and appreciated, four stars.

In some ways one of the best - and in many ways one of the worst and most frustrating. Molly is pissing me off, Derek is pissing me off, and screw Reach now too? There is a horrible scene with Leo and Katie can't stand that twisted vamp that made me turn against the master vamp - although again there was some redemption at the end of it.

Bruiser is still my favorite - a particularly steamy scene mad In some ways one of the best - and in many ways one of the worst and most frustrating. Bruiser is still my favorite - a particularly steamy scene made me forgive pretty much everything, although let's face it that they're all flawed.

There's a big change for him. The ending fight was epic - the best fight scene in the series - both in the fight and the limo. The author unfortunately leaves out details sometimes I'd like to see, and the book starts a little sped up from the last book which can be annoying at times. I'm not in the mood for yet annoying tempting guy to be added to the mix really, but I actually loved the new pair of brothers and having a new hacker in the group.

Oh, and screw the Magic Blade too for his part in the betrayal. Jane, our little Vampire Hunter is still working for Leo. She is now sent to two different states to retrieve blood samples from sick vampires. A new master is getting vampires under his wing, if they don't plegde to him, they get infected with a disease that can kill them. During these two trips, Jane is attacked. Again, Beast comes to the rescue. As Leo's Enforcer she is to have a blood Bond with Leo. She is trying to avoid this. Jane decides to hire two guys to form her own team.

The older broth Jane, our little Vampire Hunter is still working for Leo. The older brother, Eli is a fighter and he shows some interest in Jane. The younger brother is a geek tech guy. At the end Jane may need to confront the New Master, but can she survive this fight? As much as I like this series, I was disappointed with Jane's unresolved love life- I mean how many guys have showed interest in her.

Rick who could infect her , Bruiser who is under Leo's dominance Leo who is a bastard in this book and now Eli. I may wait until the series is done to read the rest otherwise I may throw my Kindle to the wall the next time Jane doesn't know who she wants. Beast on the other hand is darn smart. Jane should listen to Beast for a change. Spoiler Fangalert: Leo forcing the bond on her is callous and worse is that he uses poor Bruiser to hurt Jane.

One sentence Bruiser is awesome the next Bruiser is forcing her to do something she doesn't want. I think Jane needs to pack her bags and leave forever. No money is worth it. Saying that I still like Bruiser better than Rick. May 16, Theresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-vampires , books , romance-books , fantasy-shifters , library-books , paranormal-shifters , 5-star-reads-of , topfavorite-books-of , book-series-faith-hunter , faith-hunter-books.

This read left me feeling an array of emotions from anger, to sadness, to disgust, and ultimately to relief There are acts of betrayal that cut deep as well as acts of loyalty that are a testament to the strength and dignity of the characters' relationships The storyline in and of itself is intriguing and challenging; built with multiple layers of history and paranormal myth that paint a picture of several of the characters' backgrounds and true nature Although I find some of 5 Stars Although I find some of these characters exasperating, I love how Faith Hunter does not keep things straightforward and easy; this story is complicated and complex leaving her readers simply wanting more I found this whole read to be fast paced and enthralling from start to finish, and I am chomping at the bit to read the next one to see how these characters continue to evolve within themselves and their relationships.

Jane is raped, tortured and betrayed by everyone she held dear. Beast was raped, tortured and betrayed, and is now enslaved. And you people think this is good? The total annihilation of yet another strong female character? Hunter did a crap job in this one. Leo sent her to Ashville to do a job, she protected herself from death, and protected his scions also, and she was punished for it.

A man breaks into her room in a hotel while she is sleeping, naked, and shoots at her, TWICE, before she respond Jane is raped, tortured and betrayed by everyone she held dear. Yet she is punished by the most vile rape scene I have had the unhappiness of witnessing in an author I used to respect. And then, Hunter has Leo give and take Jane's blood - - - which, remind me if I am wrong, turned the last Skinwalker into a raving lunatic. Charles is also influenced by his Native American heritage. I think Ms. Hvam does a great job bringing Beast to life.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? There is always a chuckle or two in a Jane Yellowrock book but this one put a lump in my throat more that once. That surprised me. Any additional comments? I just hope Faith Hunter will write 6 fast, fast, fast! This is the fifth book in the Jane Yellorock series. It was a spectacular book. Things come to a head between Jane and Leo. Beast plays a large role in the story as well.

I listened to this on audiobook and it was absolutely amazing. I actually enjoyed listening to this series more than I enjoyed reading it. So I highly recommend listening to this on audiobook if you enjoy audiobooks. Vamps are breaking out in a horrible virus of sorts, the only cure is provided by a mysterious master who comes in and takes over their territory in exchange for the cure. Jane is asked to look into this virus and figure out who the mysterious master vamp is. Jane also hires in two guys to help with her home security; this adds a lot of fun to her house and to the story.

Excellent continuation of this series. We learn a lot more about Jane's past and Beast plays a large role in this story as well. There is a ton of action and an interesting mystery that ties in with Jane's past nicely. Her bloody past is discussed and she is forced to confront some truths about the nature of skinwalkers in general. Things also come to a head between Jane and Leo and the result is a rather painful truth that Jane is forced to face.

Bruiser and Rick are in the story quite a bit as well. It was wonderful to see Rick, but watching him and Jane struggle with their relationship was painful at times. Bruiser is an interesting character and watching how he is torn between Jane and Leo says a lot about his character. Beast comes to the forefront in this story. The plot that drives the story about the vampire virus was an interesting one.

  • Shark Poems.
  • Yin Chih Wen: The Tract of the Quiet Way?
  • Death's Rival (Jane Yellowrock, #5) by Faith Hunter.
  • Hustling on the Wrong Block;
  • Hotel de Dream?

This book was incredibly well written, very interesting, and very nicely tied in with the rest of the series. Some surprising things happen in the story that left me very curious to see what happens next. I thought this was the best book in the series yet. Overall an absolutely wonderful continuation of this series. The book is action-packed and just so interesting. This whole series is highly recommended to fans of action packed urban fantasy. I love the Narrator's accent and ability to sweep the listener along. She is pitch and expression perfect. She reads in exactly the way I feel I would read, so it doesn't ever feel as if I want her to slow down or hurry up.

Who was your favorite character and why? Jane is my favourite character, she is very well rounded as a person, extremely capable but not over confident.

  1. Vampire Serial Killers (3-in-1 True Crime Compendium) (Epitome of Evil).
  2. Get A Copy.
  3. Author Faith Hunter | BTH Reviews!
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  5. Quality - Control or Assurance.
  6. Sammy und der Luftballon (German Edition).
  7. If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? Enjoy the ride! I think this is the best Jane Yellowrock book yet. It's all around good writing, good characters and a good story. There's some foreshadowing without giving to much away, there's some missing pieces that come together, theirs beast being cunning and funny, and theirs little twists that aren't obvious. So many books have these little twists that you can "feel" coming a mile away, if that makes any sense.

    I enjoyed just getting caught up in this book. I love this series, and 5 books in am still enthralled. I can't say that for all the series I read. I am waiting anxiously for book 6! I really like all the accents and all of the twists and turns of this book's journey. I enjoyed the humor and sarcasm of Jane and of Beast. I think Rick wimped out!

    And I can't wait to see what Beast is going to do with the Master of the city in the next book :. Faith Hunter and Christine Hvam are a pairing made in audio heaven! Jane and Beast never disappoint but in this book they also have some surprises. Jane learns some hard lessions and we get introduced to some very interesting new characters. If I am not imagining things there is some foreshadowing going on in the beginning that may be relevant later. I love this series so much that it's one of the few I will listen to several times. Book: This is the 5th book in the Yellowrock series.

    This particular book is much better imo than the previous book, which I had trouble getting through. I apologize for the negative tone of my review. Hvam also mangles some common words. I came to this series after listening to Hunter's new series about Soulwood, which I found compelling.

    As has been said by other reviewers: this one has way too much gun detail and not enough human interest. These things have put me off the series, so I'm stopping with this one. Jane Yellowrock returns in another action packed adventure. As always khristina Hvam does an excellent job as narrator givng an intense flavour to the characters and the setting but I am not so sure about parts of the plot.

    I miss Molly, Leo gets off the hook way too easily for his treatment of Jane and there's just too much angst in the last couple of books about jane's inner conflict over everything from religion, to love to friendship. But the series continues to hold my attention and throws in new characters like Jane's new crew who have the potential to shake things up in the next book maybe. Another One for lovers of Jane Yellowrock. Characters developing all over the place and her own place in life expanding with each book.

    Poor Jane is finding more about her past, some of it shocking and surprising her. Then on top of that she ends up sorting out Leo and the vampires problems as well. And her reward for this!!! I'm not spoiling the story. Interesting new developments for Jane in this book and always good narration. Enjoy :. This series just gets better and better and although I found the narrator a little difficult to get along with in book one she gets better as the series goes on. Excellent series couldn't be better. Can't wait to start next one. Love interests keep you guessing If you could sum up Death's Rival in three words, what would they be?

    Exciting, breath taking. She only killed them who were bad. The passion she put into the book, and the voices she connected to each character it helped me. The narrator can make or break a book and she is amazing. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? It made me cry, gasp, my heart raced and me wanting more. Just down loaded last book and cant wait to start it. Now this might have spoilers be warned. I love this series Jane is cool and has a skillset to be really envious of but really what did she expect working with vamps that she could get away with all her attitude and not have Leo do anything in return.?

    Also just get on bruiser already. I love how this author leaves you immediately wanting the next book! Please keep writing Jane and all the other characters for years to come! Your audiobook is waiting…. Death's Rival Jane Yellowrock, Book 5. By: Faith Hunter. Narrated by: Khristine Hvam.

    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)
    Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5) Deaths Rival (Jane Yellowrock Book 5)

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