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A typeface variant of Frutiger licensed under Linotype. It is the font used on the highways in Switzerland. Serifa , Bauersche Giesserei. Bitstream published the digital typeface Serifa BT. The slab serif is robust and is based on the letterforms of Univers. Devanagari and Tamil , both done for Monotype Corporation. Dokumenta , Journal National Zeitung Suisse. Alphabet Facom Alphabet Brancher , Brancher. Iridium , Stempel. A didone with slight flaring.

Alphabet Centre Georges Pompidou. In , Frutiger Next was published by Linotype. In fact, Frutiger, the typeface was made for the Charles De Gaulle Airport in for signageit was originally called Roissy, and had to be similar to Univers. It was released publically as Frutiger in The modern Bitstream version is called Humanist Glypha , Stempel.

See Gentleman in the Scangraphic collection. Breughel , Stempel; , Linotype. Versailles , Stempel. Linotype Centennial Avenir , Linotype. In , Linotype Avenir Next was published, under the supervision of Akira Kobayashi, and with the help of a few others. Lovely poster by Ines Vital Vectora , Linotype. Linotype Didot See also Linotype Didot eText Pro , which was optimized by Linotype for use on screens and small devices.

Herculanum , Linotype : a stone age font. Shiseido Frutiger Capitalis , Linotype : a further exploration in the style of Herculanum, Pompeijana and Rusticana. Linotype trademarked that name even though at least five fonts by the name Capitalis already exist. Pompeijana , Linotype. Rusticana , Linotype. Frutiger Stones , Linotype and Frutiger Symbols. Frutiger Neonscript. Courier New , based on Howard Kettler's Courier, was one of Frutiger's projects he was involved in ca. AstraFrutiger : a new signage typeface for the Swiss roads. Erich Alb comments: With a Frutiger condensed Type and illuminated signs during night it is mutch better readable.

Nami is a chiseled-stone sans family, made with the help of Linotype's Akira Kobayashi. Neue Frutiger , with Akira Kobayashi has twice as many weights as the original Frutiger family. Bio by Nicholas Fabian. A quote from his keynote speech at ATypI If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the wrong shape. The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take information off the page When it is a good design, the reader has to feel comfortable because the letter is both banal and beautiful.

Wikipedia link. View Adrian Frutiger's typefaces. View some digital versions of Avenir. More Vimeo movies. Adrien Midzic. Fatnobrain was Adrien Midzic's design studio in Paris. Born in , he co-founded Pizza Typefaces with Luc Borho in Midzic designed these typefaces or type families: Fine lineal , Blokus free pixel font, , Cimen strong sans, designed for Smacl Entraide , Mesquine lineal , Blitz , Cucha, Stencil Reverse , Huit , a gorgeous didone headline face , Stenha stencil.

Fonts made in The ETH family art deco sans. It was renamed Vanille FY after a few days. At the free font cooperative Velvetyne , he published the sans typeface Lack In , he made the 3-style sans typeface Suber for an art fair in Paris. The roman transitional typeface Bota Serif , which was inspired by Cochin designed by Charles Peignot in is a custom font designed for Hotel des ventes de Poitiers.

In , it was finally released for retail. In , he published the piano key typeface Mixal, which became a large experiment on variable fonts and is free for everyone. Another Behance link. Velvetyne link. Polish creator of the curly psychedelic didone typeface Hippie In , she created a text typeface. Designer, b. Shanghai, China, who is based in Los Angeles. Designer of the didone typeface Touch He is associated with Production Type. Even more remarkable than the size of the type system is the stylistic scope it covers, including elaborate italics, monolinear Lights, heavily slab-serif-flavored Caption cuts, and Grande styles that verge on becoming stencilsall referencing different works from the golden era of the Didots.

With this pluralism of style and character, Trianon almost commands you to use it in all the "wrong"ways, exhibiting flamboyant shapes, flexibility, and individuality. Fontsquirrel link. Akira Kobayashi. Born in in Niigata, Japan. Studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. He also studied calligraphy at the London College of Printing. He became a freelance designer in Akira Kobayashi, who was based in Tokyo prior to his move to the Franfurt area, is an accomplished type designer who has created numerous typefaces for Sha-Ken, Dainippon Screen where he made the kanji font Hiragino Mincho , TypeBank from , ITC and Linotype, where he is Type Director since CV at bukvaraz.

Interview in His typefaces: Helvetica Neue eText Pro Dainippon Screen: the kanji font Hiragino Mincho. Stempel AG and the Linotypes design studio in Neuzeit S itself was a redesign of D. In contrast to Times New Roman, Times Europa has sturdier characters and more open counter spaces, which help maintain readability in rougher printing conditions. Times Europa drastically improved on the legibility of the bold and italic styles of Times New Roman. Frutiger Serif is based on Frutiger's Meridien and the Frutiger sans family.

Neue Frutiger , with Adrian Frutiger has twice as many weights as the orifinal Frutiger family. In , he and Hermann Zapf cooperated on Virtuosa Classic, a calligraphic script that updates and revives Zapf's own creation, Virtuosa. Oddities: Skid Row , Socia Oldstyle. Member of a type design team at Monotype that created the Tazugane Gothic typeface in It is the first original Japanese typeface in Monotype's history. Followed in by the more restrained Tazugane Info. SST DIN Next Stencil Developed together with Sabina Chipara. At ATypI in St. Petersburg, he ran a Linotype student type design workshop.

View Akiro Kobayashi's typefaces. Eurostile Next review. Monotype link. MyFonts interview in Akira Uchida Hitachi, Ltd. Opentype included. A thing of beauty. Direct download. He also made another full free didone-style unicode font, Kandata Here you can download his Tsuitiku-Kana family from until Akmal Yusar [Picatype Studio]. Graphic designer in Melbourne, Australia, who created the hybrid all caps typeface Baskerone in as a mix of Baskerville and Didot.

As a student, she created various display typefaces. Cairo, Egypt-based designer, who hails from Surakarta, Indonesia, b. Creator of the free brush typeface Bruss , the hand-crafted Talisman , Labours and Summer Time , the vintage sans typeface Manufactur , the vintage titling typeface Kertayasa , the marker typeface Halfway , the watercolor brush face Hale , the free display typeface Biliru , the hand-crafted Supreme , and the spurred display typeface Travelo Typefaces from Labours hand-crafted poster font , Rolade a rounded condensed sans , Karmilla upright didone script , Egalite slab serif.

Typefaces from Kruda Handcrafted Sans , Serafina a calligraphic script, attributed to Insannita Muthiahs , Kertayasa a layered and textured typeface family , Naratif Condensed. Typefaces from Genia , Crude Sketch Sans. Fontspace link. Creatice Market link. YWFT link. Creative Market link for Alterna Type. Alan Meeks. Prolific type designer, b. London, Alan started working in for Graphic Systems as a lettering artist. In , he joined Letraset as the Senior Type Designer and Studio Manager where he was responsible for all the artwork produced by the Letraset studio. During his tenure at Letraset, he designed over 40 popular typefaces, including Bramley, Candice, Bickley Script and Belwe.

Most of these typefaces also showed up in the Scangraphic collection. Together with type director Colin Brignall, Alan contributed to the success of Letraset. All the original typographic artwork produced at Letraset was produced by hand cutting the fonts in Rubylith, a highly-skilled technique known as stencil cutting.

Alan was responsible for training the entire Letraset studio in this art.

[Read Aloud] Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Most of the original Letraset artwork has now been archived at St. Brides Printing Library, London. Today, Alan works independently, specializing in all facets of corporate identity including type design, typography, packaging, and development of logos and symbols. Also see Aargau Softmaker. Typefaces from Dublin a Celtic typeface , Chalky. Typefaces from Pinot Grigio Modern a modern rounded multi-style update of Peignot, originally designed in by A.

Cassandre , Falcon Script. Typefaces from Park Lane a classicitalic roman. Typefaces from British Empire a colonial typeface. Typefaces from Arequipa a titling font , Independence Script a cursive script loosely based on the Declaration of Independence; co-designed with calligrapher Satwinder Sehmi , Witchcraft.

A classic roman. Typefaces from Aquitania Script calligraphic. Allan Meeks collection Cedars, PA : Astoria , miniserifed family based on Gill Sans , Astoria Sans , Astoria Classic , Astoria Classic Sans , with a Peignotian feel , Brigade , serif family , Copacabana , based on Goudy Old Style Italic , Vatican , a calligraphic typeface characterized by the sharp edge style of Arthur Baker , Colosseum , a sans based on Trajan roman and influenced by Friz Quadrata , Chalfont , a News Gothic style typeface with thinned strokes near the bottomstrange and somewhat unattractive , Fairway , a quirky sans , Spartacus Galadriel, Kornelia and Sparky are floating around freely in cyberspace.

View Alan Meeks's typefaces. Yet another page with Alan Meeks's typefaces. Badalona, Catalunya-based creator of Antibodi , a textured didone display typeface. He also created the monoline monospaced typeface Bended Type designer for PhotoLettering Inc in the photo type era. Vagabond Condensed. A modern font family with Didot influences published by Monotype in Free at Google Web Fonts. The this a fashion mag display didone with plenty of additional ball terminals: Elsie is inspired by feminine energy.

This new typeface was created to celebrate the world of women, glamour and fashion. It combines the strength of Bodoni with the softness of italics. Sensitive, attractive, full of personality, innovative and subtle with both classic and new design features. Elsie , with Ana Sanfelippo. Wendy One Free at Google Web Fonts , it is loosely based on the Stabilo logotype, and shows the quirkiness of retro futurism. Google Plus link. Alejandro Lo Celso [Pampa Type].

Alejandro Paul [Sudtipos]. Alejandro Paul. Designer who lives in Buenos Aires and who teaches graphic design and typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He runs Estudio Paul. Published the dot matrix font Stardust with T in Designed the gorgeous font Elektora in He developed with Michael Lynch a font Tennis set of grid-based pixel fonts. At Typeworx , he published Reflex , a commercial 6-style unicase font family. Another web site by Alejandro. Cofounder of Sudtipos , where he does custom work and creates new typefaces. His work there includes Tierra a titling face , Latinaires originally called Latina Sans , Reflex, Downtempo , Stardust and Mosaico , pixel face.

For children's orthography, he developed Estrada Hand , on commission for Editorial Estrada. He was working on the serif family Libertina Herencia , a handwriting typeface done with Diego Giaccone , Grover , slab serif , Milk Script , with Alfredo Graziani , Mama Script , with Alfredo Graziani , Politica , a techno typeface with a very thin Thin weight are at Sudtipos. In , that series was made available at Google Web Fonts. Sudestada , Sudtipos is a handwriting script developed with Diego Giaccone.

Cuisine , Umbrella Type is an informal bold script. Suave Script is a 4am jazz bar script. Ministry is related in style but less funky, Chocolate is for sales ads, and Cenizas , with Angel Koziupa is straight from an old manuscript. Whomp , Umbrella was based on a partial sign-painting font by Alf Becker s , and so was Buffet Script , Sudtipos.

Affair , Umbrella is swashy and calligraphic, while Candy Script and its italic version Sugar Pie are based on Argentina's market lettering. Galgo Script is a brush calligraphic font based on a design of Angel Koziupa. Burgues Script is an ornate calligraphic script based on the lettering of calligraphy teacher Louis Madarasz award at TDC2 Sinfonieta and Buffet Script are fifties style connected scripts. Feel Script is based on lettering that calligrapher and logo designer Rand Holub created in and that was subsequently captured in Intertype's typeface Monterey Some letterforms were redrawn from vintage American magazine ads some by Holub himself , Cuisine , food advertising script , Pronto , comic book style, by Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa , Grover , rounded sans family , Grover Slab Calgary Script , Umbrella is a pure signpainting job.

Accolades from all typophiles for his calligraphic wunderkind, Compendium The year starts off with a bang, five awards at Tipos Latinos a grand prize for Brownstone Sans , and four standard awards, for Semilla , Kewl Script for food packaging and store windows , Calgary Script , and for Business Penmanship. Boley s, Sign of the Times Magazine. Piel Script won an award at Tipos Latinos In , he and Koziupa made the fat signage typeface Aventura and Viento a grunge version of their earlier face, Brisa.

He added one retro connected signage font to the Filmotype collection in , called Filmotype Kitten original from Filmotype Zephyr is an italic roman formal script. Filmotype Yukon is inspired by the classic Palmer style of penmanship. Storefront is a swashy signage typeface based on an incomplete alphabet by Alf Becker. In , he helped Panco Sassano, a lettering artist and illustrator from Mar del Plata, who designed the wide connected semi-calligraphic handwriting typeface Horizontes Script Horizontes subsequently won an award at Tipos Latinos Still in , he published the fat packaging or signage script Bowling Script , which is based on Freely Drawn Italic , a non-font alphabet by Ernst Bentele Merengue Script , with Panco Sassone is a fun creamy script, ideal for pastry shops, tea rooms or supermarkets.

Steak is a connected vintage signage script based on an Alf Becker design. Winner at Tipos Latinos of a type design award for Envelove. Still in , Guille Vizzari and Alejandro Paul co-designed the great Moleskine notebook-inspired typeface family Proprietor. It won an award at Tipos Latinos Rigatoni : A skyline didone based on midth century example by Eugen Nerdinger. Bibliophile Script A pair of copperplate calligraphic typefaces.

Fixture a font grotesk family published by Sudtipos. Newbery Sans Pro A simple workhorse sans typeface family that is inspired by German industrial design and the lettering of Eugen Nerdinger. Art director in Moscow, b. Italian digital art director in the Pesaro Urbino area. Creator of the stylish and frivolous adaptation called Stile Bodoni Alessandro Alex Segalini. Freelance Italian graphic designer, b. In it, he describes his typeface Ernesto Hemingway.

At ATypI in Helsinki, he spoke about that same typeface. Initially, he worked in Rome, with interests extending across linguistics, book design, information design, calligraphy, lettering, visual identities, and designing with multiple languages. In he co-founded ISType , a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey. He is the typographer and graphic designer for Contra Mundum Press CMP , a boutique publisher based in New York and Paris that specializes in world literature and other genres. He created these typefaces: A like Animals Also called A di Animali, this is an experimental typeface done together with illustrator Anna Donadelli.

Limerick was designed in together with Marek Brzozowski. In , Segalini published Hemingway Pro , a commercial 9-style sans display family, available from Red Rooster. Hemingway Deco Initials is free though. Typophile link. Alessandro's page with hundreds of useful links. PDF file with samples of his fonts. Alex Etewut. Typefaces from Curator a curvy decorative didone , Gluck a rounded monoline sans family with outlined and double outlined styles , Laser Dots , Zarathustra a soft blackletter typeface family , Pedrera and Pedrera Script , Hooley advertized as a party font , Forma free counterless typeface , Fuego calligraphic script , Arc Boutant a vintage ballpoint-laden text typeface , Moloko script , Etalon a style organic sans family , Molodos All Caps, Click Stripes, Black , Geometry Pair , Venzel an interesting experimental deco typeface , Batllo inspired by Gaudi , Pluma handwriting.

Typefaces from Pistoletto a jelly or toothpaste script inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Michelangelo Pistoletto , Lento a monoline script family , Rajomon a dry brush typeface , Solomonk an inky script , Ma Tilda , Warka , Abudabi connected script , Lunar , Tilda a monoline sans with character , Jeunes connected script , Danken a textured all caps typeface family , Salud a hand-drawn slab serif, with some interesting sketched and arched styles , Hoochie , Brutto stencil with alyering and coloring potential , Hvala , Mafond slab serif , Tadaam , Liberal a simple monoline sans.

Alex O. Kaczun [Type Innovations]. Alexander Bobrov [Indian Summer Studio]. Alexander McCracken [Neutura]. Alexander Tarbeev [TFaces]. Swiss graphic and type designer who lives in Duebendorf but was born in Arbon in He created the didone typeface Quick Black Alexander Wilson. Scottish typefounder, b. Andrews, , d. Edinburgh, Educated in London, he started the Wilson foundry in at St.

Wilson's first known specimen sheet was issued in However, William Rind seems to be using these types as early as February, in his Virginia Gazette. The business was left to his son Andrew and later to his grandson Alexander. Under Alexander's tenure, it went bankrupt in They are credited with the first British modern face, Scotch Roman, whch became very popular in the United States. The modern adaptation of the typeface was first made in by the foundry of A.

It is a modern face, but less mechanical than Bodoni, and has long been popular. Capitals, though, appear heavier than lowercase letters and tend to make a spotty page. Hansen's National Roman is virtually the same face, with the added feature of an alternate r with raised arm in the manner of Cheltenham Oldstyle. When Monotype copied Scotch Roman in , display sizes were cut to match the foundry face, but in keyboard sizes, necessarily modified to fit mechanical requirements, the caps were lightened and the entire typeface was somewhat regularized. Similar swash letters, but not shaded, were also drawn by Hess and made by Monotype for regular Scotch Roman Italic.

Linotype had adapted Scotch Roman to its system in , retaining the heavier capitals, but in , by special permission of Lanston Monotype, brought out Scotch No. Russian designer of typefaces who collaborates with Ivan Zeifert and specializes in revivals, cyrillizations and beautiful digitizations, some of them done with Anatole Gophmann. There have been complaints about her practice of borrowing fonts from type designers without asking.

One typophile writes: I have cracked open fonts she claims as hers, Bolero, Bickham and others, she has copied and pasted glyphs, copyright data, added Cyrillic and changed the copyright string. Alejandro has drawn the numerals in his font in to accompany the letters found in an old catalog of alphabets.

There is no other source of the numerals, and Angelica has them. She and her partner Anatoly shithead. Available on Fonts The ass's site, Jagdesh, is in Pakistan and we cannot touch him.

Others have complained as well about her practice of taking and extending fonts without permission. N: Nocturne , Nostalgia Alexei Chekulayev [Double Alex Team]. Alexei Vanyashin [design]. Russian graphic and type designer. His mostly experimental typefaces include Isopronto , geometric , Vampire , Blamed Neverland , a connect-the-dots face , Lighter techno , and Coffee , ultra-condensed.

Alexey Kryukov. Developer of these free font families, quite exquisite and complete: Old Standard TT : a high quality didone 2-style family, suitable for classical, biblical and medieval studies as well as for general-purpose typesetting in languages which use Greek or Cyrillic script, as well as Latin.

Many math symbols are included. Old Standard is part of the Google open font directory of free web fonts, and was adapted for TeX use. He writes: Old Standard is supposed to reproduce the actual printing style of the early 20th century, reviving a specific type of Modern classicist style of serif typefaces, very commonly used in various editions of the late 19th and early 20th century, but almost completely abandoned later. It supports typesetting of Old and Middle English, Old Icelandic, Cyrillic with historical characters, extensions for Old Slavonic and localised forms , Gothic transliterations, critical editions of Classical Greek and Latin, and many more.

People have also started using it for mathematical typesetting. However, all basic components of the font, and especially its Greek and Cyrillic parts, have suffered serious modifications, so that currently Tempora LGC Unicode represents an independent typeface, quite different from its predecessors. Free download site. Theano Classical fonts: Theano Didot is a classicist face, with both its Roman and Greek parts implemented in Didot style. Theano Modern has Greek letters designed in the Porsonic style. It is based on Figgins Pica No.

Theano Old Style is a modernized "Old Style" Greek font with a large number of historic ligatures and alternate forms, modelled after some early 19th century types designed by Figgins' type foundry. It is accompanied by a Latin typeface based on some "Old Style" Roman fonts of the late 19th and early 20th century.

He also provided valuable direction about Cyrillic and Greek typesetting. Another URL. Alexis Luengas [Alexis Luengas Zimmer]. German type designer in Karlsruhe. He created Rhetorica : Its design is motivated by the elegant roman letters of the Rennaissance, capturing the vitality seen in the hand of masters like Granjon, Garamond, Jenson and Van den Keere, but also neohumanist typographers like Zapf. In , Luengas published the Meleo family. This organic semiserif family is characterized by a large x-height, and a contrast between the round nature of the regular style and the angular calligraphic features of the italic styles.

In , he started work on Didotesque. His main project in was Cavatina , a font for writing music: Cavatina is my misuse to put it nicely of the OpenType font architecture, inspired by Travis Kochel's FF Chartwell. Similarly, the font relies on contextual alternates and ligatures to take care of the formatting and allow the support of a wide range of musical grammar. Among others, it is possible to write over four octaves of different notes, key and time signatures, barlines, accidentals, articulations as well as ornamentation, providing a system robust enough to allow fast musical composition.

A browser based text editor with integrated MIDI playback is also provided for those who don't have a Mac. Cavatina exploits the liga , calt and gsub rules in Opentype. Alexis Luengas Zimmer [Alexis Luengas]. Alf R. Alf Becker b.


Louis, MO was a sign artist in the 's and 40's. Beginning in January , at the request of editor E. Thomas Kelly, Becker supplied the Signs of the Times The National Journal of Display Advertising magazine 's new Art and Design section with an alphabet a month, a project initially predicted to last only two years. Misjudging the popularity of the series, it instead ran for 27 years, ending finally two months before Becker's death in , for a total of alphabets.

In late , just ten years after the first alphabet was published, of those alphabets were compiled and published in book form under the title Alphabets, by Alf R. The American Sign Museum shows the following death notice, taken from the April issue of Signs of the Times : A chapter of almost 27 years of extensive influence upon the development if sign and outdoor advertising lettering came to a close March 10 in the passing of Alf R. Becker, whose alphabets had been presented consistently in Signs of the Times since January, Death came in St.

FL, where he had been hospitalized since last November. The funeral services were in St. Louis, March Becker had operated a commercial sign business in East St. Louis, IL. Thomas Kelley, then editor of Signs of the Times, to do a series of alphabets for the magazine. They had estimated that 24 alphabets which would be presented in a period of two years would serve the purpose.

The series was so enthusiastically received and so many readers urged continuation that it was projected indefinitely to eventually each a total of before failing health of Mr. Becker forced him to give up that creative work. His last alphabet for ST appeared in the January issue this year. Countless are the signmen and women who broadened the horizons of their lettering ability by thorough study of Mr. Becker's alphabet. In , his book, " Alphabets" was published by Signs of the Times, and all 3, copies that were printed were sold out long ago. Numerous requests have been received for a reprinting, but in view of the changes of time in lettering styles, it has not been considered advisable.

Becker's failing health in influenced him and Mrs. Becker moving to St. Petersburg, where they bought a home, and where he went into semi-retirement. His love of the sign business was such that he continued his alphabets in spite of the problems of his illness. Many of his typefaces have art deco influences. LHF Monogram at Letterhead is a digital version of one of his fonts. Catalog of some of his digitized typefaces. View the digital typefaces that are based on Becker's work. Showcase of Alf R. Becker's fonts. German type designer, b. Schneider published all his typefaces at L.

More than a decade before that, Softmaker created its own digital revival, P Deco. Type designer b. Can they ever be found. The way of the kings of the East, or rather the kings that come from the sunrising, is to be prepared by the drying-up of the Euphrates. Whatever that. Buchanan on the Hebrews in Malabar. J Wilson on our Israelitish origin. Bettelheim on Loochoo and Japan. Lost Tribes. It is well known that the Gha and other Negro tribes have numerous well-marked Jewish characters in their religious observances.

A paper by Mr. Hanson, a native preacher, read before the British AssociaNow, unless tion of Science, at Swansea, , leaves no doubt of the fact. Hence, the book containing a record of such deeds essential to the perpetuation of pure religion;. Indian government have charged the preachers of the Cross with worse than foolishness, and yet the. Our Bible is our only credential, and woe be unto us if we are ever ashamed of it seed. Him, the scattering of the Jews amongst the peoples has been everywhere recognised as the judgment of.

God for their rejection of his mercy. The trampling down of the Holy Land by the worst of the Gentiles Ezek. Jews is complete, when they are again The Jews themselves wait for their to possess it. But still the scattered families of Judah, as a wonder, a sign, and a witness,. But there are other Hebrews besides these who are There are those tribes that telling upon the world. The Hand that rules the waves and directs the streams of life is upon them ; though they seemed but as a wild herd choosing their own way in the desert, yet they are really led as if by a shepherd.

The direct descendants of those King are seen in every Christian land with the veil upon their heart, but still reading the holy books and observing the traditions of their. Ten Tribes and their influence on the world. When we have followed some of the traces of their of the. Jehovah to the captives of Israel, and was himself one amongst them, we turn to his prophecies as the most likely to contain those guiding indications of which we are now in search. The prophet witnessed the varied and degrading idolatries into which the professed people of God had fallen. Instead of testifying against the heinous sins connected with the.

Hence, in the prophecy spoken against the rebellious house of Israel, the wondrous course of a redeeming Providence is depicted upon the cloud that bears the lightning and the thunder; even the judgments that pursue the people in their wanderings point ever to the eternal refuge. The prophet opens his stupendous mission in awful symbols, and in a manner worthy of the grand occasion, his. But each has four faces and four wings, and their feet are like those of a young heifer, narrow and sharp, and hollow-soled and cloven, and they cloud,.

Their wings meet together above their heads, and they fly straight forward in each direction, expanding as they fly, and yet continuing united by their wings above. Each of the living beings has the face of a man, with the face of a lion on the right side. There are the faces of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle appropriate to each of the living beings. They have each four wings and four faces. Two of the four wings of each creature are stretched out above and these join the wings, each of the other, on all sides, and with the ;.

There is a brilliance about them as of burning coals or flaming lamps, and a flashing as of lightning. Their whole appearance. We must remember that the prophet in. Now, according to prophetic usage, a whirlwind, a cloud, and a fire signify a multitude of people. We need not stay to prove that the symbol of a cloud signifies a multitude, and by implication a great power of accomplishing either good or evil.

This figure is a natural one, and frequently used by poets. When Cyrus was for in Eastern countries a cloud of dust. In Jeremiah xlix. In our cathedral windows we may see the Apostles and their Lord, robed in the hues of light, as significant of. The Israelites seem clearly to have understood the varied renderings of light on the gemmed breastplate of the high priest, and every tint, as well as every form in the furniture, and the decorations of the tabernacle and the temple, spake with intelligence to This symbolism of colour the wise amongst them.

Thus, in India and China the characters of their deities and. The days light of heaven,. Brahmins thus, Sunday is pure sun-light; Monday or Moonday, as its reflection is white, that is purity Tuesday, flame-coloured coral, or love and hope in action; Wednesday, the emerald, kindliness and accommodation; Thursday, the topaz, holy knowledge; :.

These are used to express virtues, and are accordingly found in the tombs of Buddhist notables in India. The amber-coloured or golden brightness proceeding out of the midst of the. Though the accommodating glories of the Omnipotent arise out of a profundity too deep, and therefore too dark, for an angel's ken to penetrate, yet all above. Divine Power, with reference to the ultimate revelation of wisdom, truth, justice, and mercy, as evinced in all.

Ezekiel, no doubt, had seen those emblems but the figures of ;. Jehovah, and not a confusion of divinities, were concerned in carrying out his purposes with regard to his chosen people. Thus our Lord, in washing the feet of his disciples, taught them not only humility, but that even those parts of their nature most exposed to defilement were perfectly cleansed by Him, and if they walked together aright and according to To sit at the his Word, should be preserved pure. Thus, the head of the ox, together with the feet of the calf, indicates their fitness to occupy the course of rivers, and reap advantage from those lands which, from their abounding in water,.

The Grecian empire is symbolized by brass in Daniel. John, in the Apocalypse, saw Jesus with. Just as now, in China and in India, Jehovah is at war with oppressors by means of those appointed. The hands are the instruments of reason. Throughout the Holy Scriptures the actions of the hands are employed to express those of the heart and mind in the exercise of power.

Thus, to give the hand is a token of submission as in 2 Chron. Horace Epod. These collective bodies of. God's purpose and proceedings and as the cherubim over the mercy-seat in the Holy of Holies had their wings joined above and below, so it is all through nature and providence. The ministry of Jehovah's messengers is unbroken and unceasing, and man's agency and volition break not the chain of Divine Thus Solomon placed the two cherubim causations. The Persians understood wings to symbolize power and possession.

Thus Cyrus, in his prognostic vision, when sleeping in the country of the Massagetae, saw Darius, the eldest son of Hystaspes, with wings on his shoulders, like a cherub, one of which. The Hebrew word that signifies a wing also means a covering. Eagles' wings are mentioned as symbols of Divine protection and conveyance in Exodus xix. The faces are the outward expressions of inward characters, and these are symbolized by a union of the human face with that of a lion on one side, and that of an ox with that of an eagle on the other.

To explain this. Under each of these, according to the Targum, marched three tribes. Each standard was of three colours, like the precious of the hosts of Israel, headed. Abenezra and others, that the banners had emblazoned on them the emblems of each tribe. That of Reuben was the form of a man that of Judah, a lion that of Ephraim, an ox that of Dan, an eagle. Thus, we have ancient, and in this matter, good au;.

Eacli living creature has six wings, and is full The glacial, sea-like crystal, too, is of eyes before and behind, and within. Lord God Almighty, which was and is to come. But yet, amidst the seeming confusion, they were taught that an exact providence should preside over them, and mercy be visible in judgment for the purposes of Jehovah in violent incursion of. There are the human faces and human hands, with their power of expressing and evincing in2. There is the face of tellect, afifection, and skill. There the lion, expressive of courage and daring.

There is the imperial eagle-face of keenness, far-seeing and decisive, and armed for rapine. We might sustain our interpretation by quoting plenty. As an example, we may observe that, though Judah was designated by the dying Jacob as a lion's whelp, the comparison of the lion. That the ox was applied as the symbol of the tribes descended from Joseph we learn " His glory is like the from the words of Moses too frequently used in the Bible.

Here industry is indicated as the source of wealth and Wherever power, Avhich push aside all opposition. In Isaiah the eagle denotes Cyrus, xvii. JEschylus applies the same symbol to Xerxes. This symbol may fairly be regarded as most remarkable. With regard to the symbol of a man, which, though the first in order, we consider last, there is more to be said than can here be conveniently admitted. But that the idea intended to be conveyed is that of intelligence and affection need hardly be observed. More, far more, however, is probably designed to be taught by the symbol, since, in several parts of the prophecy of Ezekiel, the man is spoken of as especially inThe man who structing him in the purposes of God.

Immanuel, and it is He who still accompanies the dispersed and desolated people, bringing them by ways they knew not at last to recognise Himself as their Saviour and their King. Without further enlargement of the subject, at present, we here obtain the idea of a vast commingling of Israel with some northern power, rushing in upon the country over which the prophet is supposed to be lookinof. He and his Israelitish brethren were then exiles in the valleys and hills of Mesopotamia and The tribes were to be involved in this Media.

Like the vault of heaven on a starry night, the terrible extent and seeming depth of darkness is full of revolving order, and there are eyes looking through it, and pervading. The spirit of the living beings, that is, life itself, with human will, intelligence, and activity, Through all reis in the movements everywhere. Providence overrules and regulates the movements of the vast host passing along on wings, with the noise of many waters, like the voice of the Almighty in the thunders of his power, though still the articulate voice is that of man, speaking alike in reason and affection ver.

The firmament is stretched over them from the reto our nature,. As the Sun of of heaven as a sign of. It is remarkliving beings. The whole of the tribes appeared to be symbolized by. As was the life, so was the providence. It is still with the use of Divine Power that the human will While free as the winds and the electric is working.

He mentions the cherubim in this new relation as only one living Jerusalem,. Thus we are again brought back to the starting point, from the river Chebar from whence Chap. Ephraim, Manasseh, and the other half tribe of Benjamin, and those symbolized by the eagle, Dan, Asher, Naphtali, took their direction to. He is consulted both by the elders of Judah and the ancients of Israel. Throughout his prophecies he keeps distinctly before ''. There is remarkable Israel directly.

Hickman courier (Hickman, Ky.), 1877-04-13

This symbol of a slight wall of loose stones daubed with clay, as expressing the hopes of the false prophets, will throw some light upon usages to which reference will be made in future chapters of this volume. The contrast is between Ezek. Those who called themselves more especially BeniTsrael, the house of Israel, the whole house of Israel, those. For Judah, with his companions of the children of Israel;" and, on the other, '' For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions.

The idolatrous people of both Judah and the rebellious house of Israel called Joseph, Ephraim, and the tribes remained in the countries beyond the Euphrates; the rebels were purged out from those who were to enter one having written on. We shall probably see the force of these words as we proceed. Jews under Ezra and Nehemiah to repeople their own land, and again build the walls of Jerusalem ver. They sought help against Judah from the Assyrian king Jareb therefore that golden calf which the people of Israel worshipped in Bethaven shall be a present to king Jareb; and the king of Samaria ''shall be cut off as " Ephraim," says God by foam upon the waters.

Hosea xi. I taught Ephraim to walk, taking them by their arms. I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love. He [Ephraim] shall not in the idblatry. This interchange of the singular and the plural. The point of the passage is this those who boasted of being pecupersonal pronouns. The Ten Tribes, though apostates, were not in a position thus to deny their Lord and Saviour, as Judah ultimately did so it appears from the prophecy that the remnants of Israel shall be converted first and cension to the right.

Lord God, I even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and will give you the land of Israel. And they shall come thither, and they shall take away all the detestable things thereof, and all the abominasaith the. Then did the cherubim lift up their wings and the wheels beside them; and the glory of the God of And the glory of the Israel was over them above. Lord went up from the midst of the city, and stood upon the mountain which is on the east side of the city. Afterwards, the Spirit took me up and brought me in vision, by the Spirit of God, into Chaldea, to them of the captivity so the vision I had seen went up from me.

Then I spake unto them of the captivity ii. Lord had shown him. He informs us what he said and did amongst the prophets, the princes, and the elders of Israel and Judah, The elders of Israel obeyed him in the land of exile. Though they still pretended to reverence the name of Jehovah as the Supreme God, to whom the gods of the heathen were as servants, the place to which they desired to go was Bamah, the high place. Probably mth a voluntary that the. Obedience to his laws in life and practice, was the only appointed mode of approaching Him, and obtain-. Neither shall.

The address of Ezekiel of the covenant to the elders of Israel in this chapter 20th is. Thy God, Dan, liveth; and the manner of Beerhis. As much as to say the golden calf there worshipped is as much a living God They are told that those who as Jehovah Himself. It is a purifying flame, a flame of Divine vengeance, a convincing process. Thus Hosea puts Divinity before us as in his own person, and as acting the part of a loving husband to a deceitful and abominable wife. Her proceedings and names symbolically indicate the history of Israel both at home and abroad, in Palestine and in other lands.

The prophet represents himself as married to Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim Hosea i. Here, we conceive, Israel. Judah that is represented as the adulterous wife by Hosea i. MaL iii. If so, we have this. According to the figure of the prophet, fulfilment of the holy bond is only on one side. Israel additional. God, but the unselfish love, the highest, the divine, the law-giving love, triumphs unfaithful. The whole scheme of the prophecy of Hosea is in the first chapter. The result of this nominal marriage with a people of.

But the most striking part of the figure thus emIn the ployed by the prophet is most overlooked. Their restoration. It was this going out from all the practices of idolatrous heathenism to seek a heavenly rest, a land of promise and immortality, in the devotion of his soul to the God who by his word fabricated the heavens and the earth, that distinguished Abraham, and, despite pensation, in.

It is to. Paul expresses it, a promise of life and blessing to proceed. This land was punished by Israel as the hand of Jehovah, and occupied by the Hebrews in fulfilment. But the cosession on terms which they neglected. It If, then, agrees alike with man and man's world. Does it appear that the Jews, as they now stand, in any degree represent a fulfilment of the promises? Are they hereafter to possess and bless all lands? If they do, surely it will not be as Jews, unless Judaism is to supplant Christianity, and trample. Jacob blessed his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh, he designedly and significantly crossed his.

The angel which redeemed me from all evil lads I and let my name be named upon them,. They have not become a multitude of nations yet, nor are all lands blessed by them, nor are they blessed If the prophecy be fulfilled, there must themselves. The prophecy was not fulfilled in Palestine, nor is it now in the course Certainly not. Look at the Jews. The tribe of Ephraim belonged to that division of the Hebrew people.

Ephraim is mixed with the Because he made many altars to peoples vii. He forgot his Maker, and yet huilt temples. In consequence of this attempt to do God service by a vessel in which. Speaking of Ephraim and Israel as one, the prophet Hosea says " My God shall cast them away, and hopeless, incapable of recovery but. Thus confirming and repeating the prophecy of. We a people not. Ephraim, or the outcast house of Israel, is beginning to be recovered, he awakes, so to say, with the question, " What have I to do any more with idols V Thus indicating that, up to the moment of the sudden change, these hidden Israelites are idolaters, but throw their idols off in haste and altogether, just as the old races in China now do, and as those of India will ere long.

Such, at least, is one of the grand. They who were of the Ten Tribes had altogether separated themselves from the Jews as a body by apostacy and relentless warfare against the house of David; and, had they desired again to occupy Samaria, that land could not receive them it was.

There was, therefore, no room for them in their own former filled. They were completely outcasts; they were rejected alike of God and their country. An invasion turn. It is at. But, if they could. That power we believe to have been Scythian, since this was the only invading force of which we have any information that could in any degree fulfil the requirements of the vision of a whirlwind and a cloud coming from the. Instead of receiving and obeying the religious ordinances which had been enjoined upon them, they only ostensibly reverenced them as oracles to be interpreted according to their liking and convenience, just as the heathen interpreted the utterances of their Sibvls.

Ten Tribes went forth under circumstances " The Most High showed peculiarly favourable. And, supposing them to have thus withdrawn, where were they likely to go? The record of the Scythian invasion of Media and Mesopotamia will afford us the reply. The Scythians once occupied those countries under circumstances in which the Israelites were very probably As alike enemies of Persia and greatly favoured. Assyria, it was natural for the Scythians and the Israelites to seek to be on good terms with each. There was a bond of sympathy between the Scythians and the Israelites.

Scythia was doubtless, Their foes were the same. Jewish historians, perhaps confounding the captivity with the after diffusion of the Jews, relate that the. They are said, however, to have robbed the temple of Ascalon on their return, and to. But are there any people with a name degree indicating the connexion of the Israel with that of the Scythian? Nor is it without some probability that the Scythians, who overran Asia for twenty-eight years, were themselves led on by the Israelites, if, indeed, the great body of them were not torious Scythians, the Massagetae,.

These very Scythians were afterwards all called Sacce by being. Nebuchadnezzar who took Jerusalem married the When this daughter of this Cyaxares of Media. These overpowering hosts came through Media and Mesopotamia, where the vast multitudes of exiled. Thus the way was Israelites. Where, then, were they? There is one great event in the history of Cyrus that may throw some light on the subject. This king was desirous of conquering the Massagetae. He went into their country, and, while there, dreamt that Darius had subdued Asia and Europe.

This occurred on the banks of the Araxes. Herod, i. Now we must remember that it was to the borders of this river, which is the same as Kir, that Tiglath-Pileser deported the people of Damascus when he subdued Syria, b. These people, therefore, were amongst the Massagetce who defeated Cyrus, and they had been formerly friends and allies of the Israelites, and spake.

Pul, or Phul, is the first Assyrian king mentioned. He also Israelites pay tribute to him in B. These tribes were removed to Halah, Habor, Hara, and Gozan. Habor is supposed by some to be the same as Chebar; Hara was the mountainous country of Media, and Gozan probably the district now known. Habor be the same as Chebar, now Khabur, we have the fact that some of the Israelites deported by Pul were located where others of their tribes were afterwards located by Tiglath-Pileser. There Ezekiel the prophet addressed their elders and beheld his vision. Sea, in lat. It appears that his death for a short time suspended the removal of the rest of the Israelites.

This was about B. We observe that the Israelites, on this occasion, were exiled to the same parts of the empire of Assyria as those transported by Pul and TiglathPileser; the cities of the Medes being also now mentioned, though some authorities have it that, at the time the Ten Tribes were carried to Assyria, the Medes had revolted, and Babylonia was a separate kingdom. But this occurred seven years from the building of Rome, in the second year of the eighth Olympiad, B. During his reign the Chaldeans marched upon Jerusalem and carried away a large number of Jewish nobles into Babylon among whom were Daniel and his friends.

J This deportation of Jews was very different from that of the Israelites, and at least a hundred years It. Jews took place after Cyrus had united the kingdoms of Media, Persia, and Babylon, and it is likely that he gave the Jews authority to the. It was the chiefs of Judah and Benjamin that promoted the return as stated by Ezra i.

These were assisted by the priests and Levites. Esarhaddon, the third son of Sennacherib, took Babylon, and reigned over it, together with Nineveh, in B. In this change the people of the tribes must have been involved. From B. Sardochus reigned over Nineveh, Babylon, and Israel for twenty years, and over Media also, until that country revolted, which happened in the thirteenth year of his reign B.

All these changes no doubt greatly influenced the position of the. Mesopotamia, and great part of Assyria immediately after the revolt of Media, and while civil. The Scythians, occupied, in fact, the very provinces in which the Ten Tribes dwelt, and from whence they overran the whole of Asia as far as Egypt on the south and the Indus on May we not, then, regard this incursion as the east. It alone, of all events in the history of those countries, fulfils. Into the consideration of this world-wide dispersion of Israel it is not.

The people who wrote the Bible and transmitted it to us have altered the whole aspect of politics and religion; they have remodelled the world, and that, without intending anything more than to express their own convictions. Their faith in the world, they. Hebrews, have turned the pillared temples of Athens and the Eternal City into dust, to be blown away into. There is the philosophy without the Bible has done nothing fact The seed of to improve the moral world as yet. The man who was called '' the Friend of God " is acknowledged by Europe, Asia, and America, and by multitudes in relates alike to.

Abraham in spirit, just so far as they obey the God who called him to seek for a country beyond this world. What if those Christian nations that profess the faith of Abraham as the proper pattern of their own should not only be fessing to be the true seed of. In their records we possess the highest examples of all that is most ennobling in our nature, the. Jews in their hands, the presence of the dispersed of Judah among us is sufficient to remind us of our indebtedness to them as men teaching us a grand lesson of the deepest inWe see in their origin and history more of terest.

To know laws. God in the abstract is impossible. He reveals HimMan self relatively, that is, in good and in evil. He is to distinguish good from evil, to feel the beauty To appreciate the of holiness, and love that beauty. They resist the causes of disease and death better than most According to the investigations of Dr. Gaiter, of Wieselburg, the. This is the more remarkable, since. Jews intermarry so much amongst themselves for Dr.

Bemis shows that, of marriages between cousins in Kentucky, produced infirm children deaf and dumb, born blind, idiots, and scrofulous. Ranking's Med. The Jews at least cannot but testify to their past dispersion. Hebrews' past has involved the well-being of the nations with whom they have mixed, and so will it be with their future. Egypt and Babylon, and Assyria and Rome have meddled with them and come to ruin, because they dealt with them unrighteously. And there is a controversy still pending with the Russian, the Mahometan, and. Western hemisphere be not ruinously involved in the approaching and universal struggle, it is because of their better standing in relation to the Jews in consequence of receiving the Word that went out from Those nations which submit by choice Jerusalem.

Thank God, the influence of Jewish history and prophecy is deeper in our literature and habits of thinking than is the influence of Jewish Mammonism on our money. These points are full of interest at the present turbulent and maturing and finishing period of history; but the largest element in the receive. Grant's their discovery and conversion. The Nestorians are very probably descendants of the few. China and India originated in the fact that people of their own kindred were known to be in those countries. The wars of the Medes and Persians, which desolated those parts of Armenia, Media, and Assyria in which the captives dwelt, are not so narrated by any historian as to give the least clue to the relation in which the Israelites stood to those people, either during their continuance.

But there is one remarkable people beginning, for the first time, to. Nearly all that geographers and historians Saca3 could only be accounted for. Saxons were a Gothic or Scythian tribe and, of the various Scythian nations which have been recorded, the Sakai, or Sacas, are the people from whom the descent of the Saxons may be inferred with the least ;.

The Sakai, who in Latin are called. They were so celebrated that, as already Sacae,. And the name Sacosena, which they gave to the part of Armenia they occupied, is It is also imnearly the same sound as Saxonia. Keppel, in his late travels, calls this the beauKarabaugh. The locality of this country is not indicated except by its connexion in the inscription; and from that we gather that it was on the borders of Media to the north-east,. Our Anglo-Saxon historian Turner points out the probable manner in which this bold and enterprising people were impelled westward until settled in our own land.

We will not follow him but from another source we are interested to learn that the White Island in the west England? They now take the Bible with them wherever they go, and found their commerce with the wide world upon the rights and liberties which Christianity has taught them to value as their lives. Here, then, as history. The fact that we have six or seven hundred words.

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Hebrew roots, too, are not few amongst our homeliest words. If we are related to the Sacae, our stirring, restless,. A glance at the ancient Sacas in the East will show the likeness. They had detached themselves from Persia before Alexander's invasion. The revolutionizing influence of the Saxons who. If Israel has suffered as an outcast, and been lost as a distinct people, for worshipping Baali instead of the Holy One, shall professed Chris-.

Nations serve us, and bow down to us, and are the better for it. We are lords, yea, lords over our own brethren, and " cursed is every one who curseth us, and blessed is every one who blesseth us. We Saxons are heirs of the world, not by right, but by divine favour and providential training. We are bringing the ends of the world together and binding mankind into one compact community, by the sacred ties of the highest intelligence and religion, involving, of course, all.

Good Will in infinite operation. So says the true Christian. If these Sacie can be con-. Wilson in that work has done much more to meet the requirements of prophecy than any that preceded him and although we dare not follow him into all the results to which he would lead us, still he has shown a large amount of probability, and indeed very much deserved;. Wilson has not advanced any direct evidence of Saxon connexion with Israel by descent, but he has indicated a great deal in the Anoflo' Saxon character and customs which accords follow in this track.

Could we but find the broken link in the chain by which the Sakai or Sacae are supposed to have been. Anglo-Saxons, with mind and heart imbued with the history and hopes of Israel, elevated and enlarged. King of Salem, and desiring and endeavouring to promote the coming of his kingdom in all lands. The Saxons embrace the world, and the devout amongst them realize in faith and spirit the visions of all true prophets and seers that have glorious reign of the.

But we think we have found it at last, as we are about to show something very like positive proof that the Sacae and the Getae, who formerly invaded India, sprang from the same source as the Saxons and Goths of the West, and were directly connected with. The facts and arguments accumulated by several writers may well suffice, however, to convince us that an Israelitish influence has been infused into.

Now, as we find this name adopted by prefixed to. It was after the tribes of Israel had separated themselves from Judah, and thus also from the hopes and promises connected with the house of David, that they acquired this name. After they had, in their pride and independence, sought another king, and one of their own, rather than accept any in the royal line to which the prophecies had pointed for the Messiah and the everlasting kingdom, the prophet calls them the house of Isaac. This is memorable. They fulness. They preferred to mingle idol- worship on high places with all.

After the Persian empire came under the power of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel's. Esther i. If, therefore, the Ten Tribes, as a body, were still in those countries in the time of Esther, we might reasonably expect to find something concerning them in this book but we do not. Throughout, the Hebrews are named by the designation invariably and distinctively applied only Judeans or to those attached to the house of Judah Jews DmiiTi.

This is remarkable, as the circumstances related would necessarily have involved all Esther had the Israelites then in those countries. Jewish influence and he contrived to obtain an edict for the entire destruction of the Jews, on the ground ;. The first dynasty of Gude is said to have is. Esther ii. But a counter-edict gave the Jews the right to defend themselves, and they. And if they went, where were they so likely to go as into the countries on the borders of the Caspian Sea, where the Scythians predominated?

The places in which they were accustomed to conduct their idolatrous worship were called high -places; but it is evident such places were not here meant, for the prophet, after telling them how God would judge and scatter them and pour his fury on them, and purge out the rebels and not let them enter the land of Israel, adds," As for you, house of Israel, thus saith the Lord God, Go ye, serve ye every one his idols, and hereafter [also], if ye will not hearken unto me, but pollute ye my holy name no more with your God declares He gifts and your idols.

According to the best chronology we can get on the subject, it appears that the prediction of their exodus from Assyria was delivered about the year B. The Scythians had been expelled but a few years before, for Cyaxares 1. There was, doubtless, sympathy between the Scythians and those Ephraimites who were given up to idolatry and the worship of high places they were alike prone to intoxication and famous for the ;. Daniel ignores them Haggai has no message for them Ezra and Nehemiah fail to account for them.

Where are all. Nebuchadnezzar was ruler, not only over the kingdom of Babylon, but also over the whole of Assjnria, Nineveh having been taken and added to Media, so that all the Hebrew captives were under his dominion. The Israelites of the captivities under Tiglath-Pileser and Shalmaneser were in Media and in the country about the Chebar. They had been there nearly a hundred years, and were probably very numerous at the time when Nebuchadnezzar founded the Babylonian empire and conquered Judea.

We should therefore expect to discover some traces river Chebar,. That the Budii are mentioned by Herodotus as a Scythian people, and also as a tribe of the Medes, may be accounted for very easily, if it can be shown that they were neither, but really Israelites hidden under this name, both in Media and Scythia; and, of course, on the same ground, their supposed identification with. All the reasons for this identification cannot be at present stated ; but one strong reason appears in the fact that. The word consists ;. We have the same word in use amongst us, and to sack a city is to empty it of treasure.

The only Hebrew equivalent for the name of the people called by the Latins Sacae and the the country inhabited. That the Sacae had some remarkable bearing upon the Babylonians is evident from a singular festival celebrated amongst them called Sacca or Sacea. Athenaeus, after Berosus, informs us that the festival was instituted in consequence of a signal victory obtained by CroeGreeks Sakai. The Babylonians were at that time the allies of the King of Lydia but the circumstances of the festival celebrated by the Babylonians in remem But we also have to be responsive to spending the taxpayers dollars over the most effective and efficient options for delivering those services.

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Beauty and the Earl

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Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys  Grand Daughters Book 2) Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys Grand Daughters Book 2)
Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys  Grand Daughters Book 2) Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys Grand Daughters Book 2)
Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys  Grand Daughters Book 2) Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys Grand Daughters Book 2)
Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys  Grand Daughters Book 2) Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys Grand Daughters Book 2)
Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys  Grand Daughters Book 2) Of BEAUTY and Of BANDS (The Earl of Givenys Grand Daughters Book 2)

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