Plague (Gemutations Book 2)

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Genoworks Saga 11 08

Plague Volume 1!

You'll need an account to access this in our app. Please create a password to continue. It's been nearly sixty years since gemues genetically mutated humans first came to be. In that time they have become one of the most persecuted factions in US history.

Vol. 3, Page 53 – Who’s In Charge Here?

When gemues begin to appear that can spread their "affliction" like the common cold, gemue lives are threatened with worse. David "Tigershark" Scott and his girlfriend, Angelina Cortez, are hot on the case, trying to halt the spread while attempting to find the source of the trouble. In their search, they gain unlikely allies in Dr. Tom Martin and his brother Steve.

Table of Contents

Their search becomes a race to find cause and cure - to halt the spread before the Purists in society use it as an excuse to declare war on the gemue populations - to get rid of them once and for all. PLUS Thumbnails of the original first chapter, four pages of character progression on our main cast, and character sheets for three of them! Keep on file Card Number We do not keep any of your sensitive credit card information on file with us unless you ask us to after this purchase is complete.

The Great Plague (Black Death Documentary) - Timeline

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Maybe Lewis is simply the type to have those kinds of worries. Abandonment issues, perhaps? Having her arm chopped in two, for example did not overly discommode her.

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It is possible that what tactile sensations she experiences only annoy her. I also have a feeling they never hashed out exactly what their relationship is, which could also contribute to the fear.

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Having taken care of her little gang, looking out for their next meal, made her a vigilant pessimist. And now she and her gang are entirely dependant on Jane. Which of course leads Lewis to assume the worst. Your email address will not be published. Website URL. I, Mummy A steampunk mummy in a dress from the future. Comic updates every Mummday. Facebook Twitter RSS. Comments RSS. July 16, , 10 pm Reply. Now that's out of the way, about the page. There's a higher resolution version of the third panel here , if you fancy a closer look.

The page features twelve cameo characters from other Spiderforest comics who be turning up in the background of some later pages Most of them have been 'anthro-ed' with permission of the creators. Rondin - who are more than just one arm at a table.

Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)
Plague (Gemutations Book 2) Plague (Gemutations Book 2)

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