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You might not need every step, but knowing where you're going is a big part of getting there.

Here are five reasons why you should be always be seeking out new opportunities and laying the groundwork for your next career move:. Gone are the days when people stayed at the same company for their entire careers and collected a gold watch at their retirement party. In fact, staying at a company too long can work against you.

  1. Assassination in Orlando, Florida (Stephen Haggerty Assassin Book 6).
  2. Break out of your comfort zone and take your career to the next level..
  3. You might not need every step, but knowing where you're going is a big part of getting there.!
  4. Find a Better Job.

Alternatively, if your company gets acquired, the new owner could choose to clean house or the business could go through a rough patch financially and be forced to streamline. You want to stay in control of your own destiny—not leave it at the mercy of shifting business priorities. Update your LinkedIn profile on a regular basis, expand your network and stay in touch with recruiters in your industry so they know to reach out to you when an even better job becomes available. It turned out that he had just started thinking about bringing in a head of communications.

Go on the interview anyway. Case in point: When I was director of PR at an internet company years ago, reporting directly to the CEO and running a department, I got a call from a recruiter for a senior manager position at a much bigger company, with three people above me, and I almost turned down the chance to interview. But I decided to take the meeting for the heck of it. Flash forward: I took the job, stayed there for over a decade and was promoted three times.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Job

A few years ago, I got an offer for what seemed, on paper, like a dream job. But the process was agonizing—spanning five months of back and forth, multiple interviews, periods of radio silence and a management team that seemed highly disorganized. Attend industry events and make connections.

Let those people know what your interests are without specifically saying you are looking. It may take subtlety, but there are ways to get word out without your employer knowing you're looking. Of course, every situation varies, so be as bold or as subtle as you need to be.

Find your dream job without ever looking at your resume - Laura Berman Fortgang - TEDxBocaRaton

Just because you have one goal in mind does not mean your thinking should consist of getting there or bust. Sometimes there are enjoyable diversions along the way. For example, once I wanted to be in charge of a daily newspaper. I did not get that job but was offered the chance to edit the Sunday edition of three daily papers. It wasn't the destination, but it was a step on the road that clearly got me closer to where I wanted to go. Have an open mind and be curious.

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  • Sometimes work you never considered is worth pursuing and in other cases an unexpected detour helps you get where you ultimately want to go. A better job is not so easy to define so be open in what you consider. Sometimes, anything different can be better and sometimes a change can show you you're going the wrong way. More money or better benefits may be the "better" that matters now or maybe career satisfaction or locational flexibility is key. For most people, there's no clear answer and sometimes happiness can be found someplace other than where we're looking for it.

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    How to Get a Better Job - The Ultimate Guide to Get your Dream Job

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    Find a Better Job Find a Better Job
    Find a Better Job Find a Better Job
    Find a Better Job Find a Better Job
    Find a Better Job Find a Better Job
    Find a Better Job Find a Better Job

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